Card #112: Adventure

What?!  Blogging on a Friday?!  What is this madness?!

Yeah, I took the day off to (hopefully) get a ton of stuff done, not the least of which is going to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in an hour!  😀  So excited.

But first, let’s get this week’s blog crossed off the list.

I know the orange paper doesn’t look the same in the two pictures, but trust me, it’s the same card.  I took the pictures on a cloudy, darker day and they just never look as good as when it’s sunny and bright.

Pretty simple card, again.  Do I ever make any that aren’t? I should really work on that.  But this would be a cute card to give to someone heading off on a trip, a kind of “bon voyage” type card.  I’ve had that suitcase sticker in my collection for over a decade, since I’m pretty sure I got it when I was scrapbooking my first trip to Israel 11 years ago.  So yeah, time to use it up.  Unfortunately, I think there’s still one left in the drawer.  But every little bit helps.

Hey, if I quit writing now, I’ll still have time to cross one other thing off my list before I need to leave for the movie.  So, see you next week!


Card #24: Bon Voyage!

Now I know that tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I probably should have made a nice, fancy card for my dad for the blog this week, but I get more enjoyment out of finding a funny card at the store for him.  And I think he probably does, too, so no home-made Father’s Day card today.

I was browsing through my card recipe book trying to find a cool design to make this week, and I found one that I basically exactly copied.  It uses a piece of roadmap as part of the design and when I saw it I thought, “I’ve got a ton of old maps in my craft cabinet waiting to be used on something.  Perfect!”  I actually made a couple keepsake Christmas ornaments for my mom and myself last year with pieces of maps that we got when we went to New Zealand.  The ornaments show the major cities that we went to, and they turned out pretty cool.  This card would have been appropriate for someone to send to us before we left, so I’ll have to find someone going on a major trip to send it to eventually.


I used a piece of map from Pennsylvania and a couple of scrap pieces of paper.  Since they were all paper and not cardstock, I used adhesive squares to attach them to a plain white base card.  I did end up having to trim the card a little on two sides after I put the paper down to make all the edges nice and even.  The embellishments came from 3 different collections all from Creative Keepsakes.  I think I got all of them about 9 years ago when my parents and I went to Israel and I made a scrapbook of our adventures there.

I have a few other craft projects that I want to show you eventually, but they’re not done yet, so I should go get working on them.  I’ve been in a major creative zone lately, trying to get some cosplay projects done as well as a few home decor type things finished, and my craft desk looks like my craft cabinet threw up on it.  So yeah, I better go get to work.