Card #113: Awesome!

Well, this is the final week of my pre-made cards, so next week I’ll have to start getting creative again.  Not that I haven’t been creative in the last few weeks as we’ve been getting decorations and other preparations ready for VBS, but I’ll actually have to sit down at my craft desk again instead of on the floor in the living room in front of My Little Pony reruns whilst crafting.

Cuz yeah, that happened.


After I made the “hi” card with the ribbon scraps, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use more of those chipboard letters.  (btw, I did end up having to go back and use some big glue dots on those letters to keep them attached to the card, because the glue on the back just didn’t hold.)  I came up with the idea for this card, and was thinking about making a whole series of cards like it with different words, but then I thought that would be kind of boring.  But maybe I’ll do that anyway, just to use stuff up, and not bother posting them here.  Or doing a big long post with a bunch of cards in the same style.  Who knows?  It ain’t gonna happen for a while, at least until after VBS, if it does happen at all.

Oh, you want to see the card?  Sorry, sometimes the rambling gets out of control.


I tried to find some cardstocks and letter stickers that matched the colors in the “a”, and came up with this simple design.  The light mauve-y pinkish color is a textured cardstock, which adds to the character of the card without adding more colors and making it too busy.

So my thought was to use the letters and do like a series of “b is for blessing” and “c is for caring”, etc. kind of cards, just nice encouragement-type messages.  That would use a lot of my letter stickers, too, which I have a LOT of, so maybe I should work on that sometime.  If I made all the cards with the same layout, it wouldn’t actually be that hard, and it would use a lot of materials, which would be beneficial to my collection, especially if I used a layout that did use some more patterned-type papers.  I really should work on that…

So yeah, I hope you have a great weekend, and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this!


Card #108: Hooray! birthday card

Today has been absolutely gorgeous out!  I don’t think it hit 81 degrees like they were predicting, but then again, I wouldn’t know.  I’ve been inside all day working on Vacation Bible School prep.  At least I’ve got my windows open!

Yeah, it’s getting to be that time of year again where a large portion of my free time (including many Saturdays) will be taken up with VBS stuff, but I’m going to try to do a little better on my blog this year.  Last year for the month or so before VBS week, I took time off from my blog so I didn’t have the pressure of trying to get EVERYTHING accomplished.  I’m hoping this year, instead of taking time off, of getting some cards done ahead of time, so that the weeks that I’m working on set design and such on Saturdays, I can have cards and blog posts all prepped and ready to publish.  Maybe it’s cheating a little bit, but that way I’ll still have something new for my readers each week without having the time crunch of trying to get it done when I’m busy with other things.

That’s my plan anyway.  I’ve got a couple weeks to get extra cards done before my Saturdays are booked, so we’ll see if I can get that accomplished amidst my other stuff I need to get done.

Anyway, as far as this week goes, I think the card turned out pretty darn cute.  And I used up a set of embellishments from which I only had a couple left, so that felt good.


I don’t know why I pulled these out, but I had decided I wanted to use embellishments instead of stamps again this week, so when I dug into my drawer, I just pulled out a file, and it happened to be the “birthday” file.  I found these and was like, “hey, if I use these two, I can actually use something all the way up!”  So that’s what I did.  🙂

I found a card layout on my Pinterest inspiration board that seemed like it would work pretty well with these stickers, and the candle paper was a scrap I had left over.  After deciding on colors, the card came together pretty quickly.  I added the gems at the end for a little extra interest and sparkle.

I did use a happy birthday stamp on the inside and outlined it with the purple on the front of the card.

And now I think it’s time to quit staring at my computer for the day and go do something else.  Like I should probably go find out if my renaissance costume still fits, since that’s what I’ll be wearing for VBS this year!  Gonna be fun times!


stamp used: “happy birthday” by Great Impressions

Card #104: Laugh!

This is going to be really short and sweet, because, even though my computer says it’s a few minutes until 11PM, the rest of the clocks in my apartment have been changed to “spring forward” and say that it’s almost midnight.

Not cool.

This week’s card is really basic, mainly because I wasn’t feeling very creative last night when I made it.  A couple weeks ago when I made the card with the vellum sentiment, I actually pulled out two sheets of sayings and the second has been sitting on my desk for the past two weeks waiting to get used.



Basically all I did was trim the sheet of sparkly, patterned cardstock and adhere it to the pink card, adhere down the sentiment, and add the two flower stickers.  Like I said, really basic.  But the bright colors and patterns make it fun.

Next week I’ll try to have something a little more interesting to show you.  In the meantime, I hope you all get enough sleep tonight!

Card #102: Happiness

Ah, South Dakota.  Where in February you can enjoy 60 degree weather one day and have a snowstorm the next.  I was greatly enjoying wandering around outside without a coat and it totally put me in the mood for spring.  And now instead, I’m watching one of my neighbor kids out the window building a fort in the snow.

*le sigh*

In an effort to keep the happy spring thoughts alive, my card this week looks very springy.

In an effort to continue using old supplies, I was digging through my vellum sentiments and found this one, which I thought would make a nice card.  All the colored and patterned paper and cardstock came from my scrap bins and I’ve had that set of sparkly flowers from K&Company for ages.

I’m still thinking I should invest in some new vellum tape, though, since the old stuff I have is so yellow!  I should pick some up when I run to Hobby Lobby this week.

I had picked another vellum sentiment to use on another card, but then I asked myself “why?”  I’ve noticed recently in making my cards for this blog that I haven’t been enjoying it as much as I used to, that it seems more of a chore than a fun, creative activity.  And I think that part of it is because I’ve been trying to make too many cards.  If I limit myself to just one a week, it doesn’t take as long or as much thinking for designing and will hopefully be more fun again.  So that’s my plan for a while at least.

I hope you’re having a great weekend enjoying whatever the weather has decided to throw at you!