Card #121: Baby Shower Card

Hey, I actually have a card for you this week!  How about that?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since the Alpha Center’s Meet the Babies event, where the clients from the past year who attended the Tuesday night class that I volunteer at can come back after they’ve had their babies and just hang out and eat food and have fun fellowshipping with other families.  It’s always a fun night, and I get to make the invitations every year.


The great thing about this card is that the only supplies I needed to get for it were adhesive squares (which I needed to get anyway).  Everything else I already had on hand!  I’ve been going through my papercrafting stash to clean out and declutter for our garage sale, and as I was going through one of my cabinets, I found this OLD pack of blank white cards and envelopes.  There were 28 left in the pack, and that’s exactly how many cards I needed to make!  I was so excited to use them up!  The yellow stripes, cut-out white ducks, and background paper were all leftovers from other Meet the Babies invitations I’ve made in the past.  So the only “new” cardstock I used was the green layer, the blue that I printed “You’re Invited” on, and the inside white that I printed the event details on (“new” meaning not scraps).

It feels so good to use things up.  🙂

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet today.  It’s Saturday and I’ve got a long list of stuff to accomplish this weekend.  Not to mention, I’m getting hungry.    😉


Card #117: Invitation

2 observations:

  1. I always seem to get sick over long, holiday weekends.  And it sucks.  😦
  2. You know I’m in full-on cosplay build mode when I willingly go to Menards, even after working the late shift at work and having not had supper yet.  🙂

So those are my excused for not having this post up yesterday.  I’m sick, and I was working on a costume project.  The going to Menards thing was on Monday (though I was there again today) but it led into working on costumes and I had though about posting that observation on facebook but never got around to it so I did it here instead.  And now I’m rambling, which must be a result of illness.  I had intended to write this yesterday, but once I got started sanding plastic, I just couldn’t stop!  And stayed up later than I should have.  Which is probably also why I’m sick.


Anyway, I was tasked last week with making some invitations for the Alpha Center, since they know I like to do that sort of thing.  Since the invitations really didn’t have anything to do with babies, I made them pretty generic.

mentor invitation 1

A little patterned paper (used some really old stuff up, yay!), a yellow card base, and some red to frame out the words.  Inside of course was all the details about the event, printed on the computer.  And I added a couple blue gems for a little sparkle and decoration.  I didn’t have enough of any one blue to do all dozen cards, so a few of them were different.  But since everyone will only see their own card, it doesn’t really matter.  🙂

Ok, I’m going to bed now.  A long day of costume work is in store for me (and my wonderful mom! hi mom!) tomorrow, and I’m beat, so hopefully a better night’s rest tonight and I at least won’t be hacking all day in her sewing room.

Oh, also, if you haven’t seen it yet, GO SEE WONDER WOMAN!!!  I finally saw it today, and it did not disappoint.  🙂

All right, off to bed now…

Card #103: Baby Shower Invitations

I know, I know, I’m late with this post!  I’m sorry!  I had every intention of getting this up on Saturday, but I just couldn’t.  I was going to make a different card than this last week, but then I realized that I HAD to get the invitations for the Alpha Center’s Meet the Babies event done by Tuesday of this week (as in, tomorrow!) so I switched gears and worked on those instead.  I got the cards to the point that I thought they would be done, but they looked so boring that I wanted to add a little something.

Now, for all the embellishments that I have in my drawer, I don’t have much for baby stuff.  I just haven’t gotten to that stage of life and there was nothing suitable to make the cards cuter.  And Saturday was a day when I just wasn’t going anywhere.  I had played with some new makeup that morning and the foundation I tried, well, let’s just say that my skin doesn’t even get that shade in the summer when I might actually have a bit of a tan.  Not to mention that I was also practicing winged eye-liner and ended up with lines that rivaled the ancient Egyptians.  Or Bucky Barnes.

eye liner.jpg

Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad!  But, yeah, I wasn’t going ANYWHERE that people could see me.  And Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays, so I didn’t make it there until tonight.

But I found some perfect little stickers to liven up the invites, and I think they turned out pretty cute.


I printed out the details (which I have photoshopped out here) with two per page on white cardstock, then used the Cricut to cut out the yellow.  I rounded the corners of the yellow then glued it down before I cut the white apart.  And tonight I added the little safety pin stickers.

It is a really simple design that could totally work for baby shower invitations or could be adapted with different shapes for different kind of “save the date” cards.

So that’s last week’s card, technically.  I’ll have another one for you on Saturday (Lord willing!) for this week.  In the meantime, happy Monday!

Card #60: Meet the Babies Invitation

Phew, barely making it this week!  I’ve had a busy week and I was out at my folks’ all afternoon, so I’m only now getting around to blogging.

As I’ve shared before, one of the fun things I get to do while volunteering for the Alpha Center is working on crafty stuff.  Once a year for the Life Skills class, we invite all the participants from the previous year to come for an evening of fun and fellowship after they’ve had their babies.  They get to see everyone again that they went to class with and share baby stories, and we get to coo and aww over all the precious babies.

Well, that event is coming up, and I’ve been tasked with creating the invitations again.  I based my design off a baby shower invitation I found on Pinterest.


I erased the event details in the pictures

I had picked up a whole bunch of nice white envelopes really cheap from a bead store that was going out of business (so sad, I miss that store!), and I found a package of pre-cut white cardstock on sale at Hobby Lobby that I thought would fit the envelopes just perfectly.  I wanted to make these invites just single-layer invites instead of a folded card style.  Well, the cardstock ended up being a bit too big for the envelopes, so I had to trim them down anyway.  I used my handy new adhesive dispenser to apply the decorative paper onto the cardstock, as well as the yellow cardstock to the paper.

The little duck was cut out on my mom’s Cricut cutter before I had to give it back to her, and I used Glue Dots to glue the yellow on the back.  The duck is adhered to the card with a piece of mounting foam, and the green chevron washi tape gives a nice little touch and background for the duck.  I only put glue on the top of the white cardstock with the event details so the bottom would be loose to give a little more 3D effect.

I will be honest and admit that I only have one of these cards done so far.  But I wanted to get a sample done to show you guys and to know for sure how I wanted to make them.  Finishing the rest is on my list of things to accomplish tomorrow after church.