Card #114: Graduation Gown

Well, look who’s actually back with a new card this week!  And one I made this week instead of making in advance.  🙂  I finally cleaned off my craft desk yesterday afternoon, thereby making space to actually do some crafting instead of just collecting supplies.  I’ll be honest, though, that I just sat there for a while staring and not really having any inspiration.  I was thinking about all the supplies that I’ve collected over the years that I’ll probably never use and should eliminate from my collection, and I pulled out a little drawer that had some metal letters in it.  I dumped out the letters and the first ones that kind of stuck out at me were R, A, and G.  It being May, the month of graduations, I decided to find a D and make a graduation card.

I dug into my new supply file cabinet (which is SO much nicer than my old one!) and found some embellishments and stickers to add to the hat and diploma paper.  It’s a pretty simple card, but as I’m looking at it now, I’m wondering if it would have looked really dumb or cool if I had put a different color cardstock under the “RAD” so it would have kind of said “RAD GRAD”.   Would that have looked dumb?  Or kinda cool?  Or would anyone have even gotten it?  It’s probably a good thing I didn’t think of that last night.  I did try putting red underneath the letters and they didn’t show up as well as they do over the white, but maybe yellow would have worked?  I dunno, too late now anyway.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Card #110: Graduation Criss-cross

Ok, so time kind of got away from me this afternoon.  I spent the morning and a good part of the afternoon at church making banners for Vacation Bible School and then decided I wasn’t done, so I came home and worked on some more!  And now it’s almost eleven at night and I’m just getting around to blogging.  Thing is, I didn’t want to stop because I still have one banner in mind to make, and sorry, but I’d rather be working on that than blogging right now.


Guess I’ll add that to tomorrow’s list instead.

This week’s card is pretty simple.


I had in mind to do the criss-cross with the washi tape, but originally I had picked a different sentiment sticker to use on the bottom.  Long story short, one embellishment choice led to another led to another and I ended up with a graduation card.  Funny how it just works out like that sometimes.

I know the criss-cross with the tape would have been more effective with four different colors/designs, but I didn’t really have any other ones that went with these two, and I wanted to keep the card kind of masculine, which is why I chose these two in the first place.  So it’s just a nice, simple card for a graduating fellow.

Do people still use the word “fellow,” or am I aging myself with that?

*insert side-eyed emoji here*

Anyway, in addition to making one more banner tomorrow, I am also planning on making a few cards for the next three weeks of posts.  And taking pictures of the cards so I can pre-write the posts as well.  Since I have a feeling the next three Saturdays of VBS prep are going to sap more energy than today’s did and I won’t feel like blogging after the fact.  So, time to put my creative thinking cap on tomorrow!

Card #68: Elegant Graduation

Another short post this week.

The last color scheme from the mat stack I’ve been working on all month is black and silver.  It’s very elegant, so the card had to be elegant as well.  I had found some cool rhinestone and sparkly brads that would look really good with this cardstock, but the layout design I found on Pinterest that I wanted to use wasn’t really conducive to using them, so I’ll have to try them another time.

I figured with graduation season coming up shortly, it would be a good idea to make a card or two, in case there are any kids I know that are graduating.


The sentiment is from a vellum pack I have, and the graduation cap was from a garage sale purchase.  I bought a whole pack of random, miscellaneous embellishments at a sale once, and there were a bunch of baby boy decorations and a whole bunch of graduation decorations.  Quite the interesting combination.  I like how the hat gives a little bit of cheeky flair to the otherwise very elegant, sparkly card, but it’s still subtle and not overly-obnoxious.

The only thing I don’t like is that my vellum tape has yellowed and you can see that through the sentiment on the white square.  😦  I hate to throw it out and get new, though, because the roll is still very large as I don’t use it all that much.

Not sure what I’m going to do next week as I have used all the different color schemes from the mat stack now.  I guess we’ll find out together!

Card #18: Graduation

May.  A time of flowers, light jackets, birds chirping, and grass needing that first mowing.  Of course, around here, we’re finally getting our “April showers,” so we’ll probably get our “May flowers” sometime in July.  Another thing that comes around every May are the inevitable graduation announcements.  If you’re like me, the kids that you used to babysit when you were a teen are now graduating.  Boy, does it sure make one feel old!

This week’s card is all from my own head.  Yay!  Finally, right?  I chose to use basic primary colors, kind of hearkening to the early days of school, when things were simpler and algebra wasn’t even a distant thought yet, much less a daily reality.




The yellow and blue paper are from a mat stack I got ages ago, probably from a garage sale when I was first starting into papercrafting.  The graduation hat is also a garage sale find, a loose embellishment amid a bunch of half-used graduation sticker sheets and such.  The saying is from one of my copious vellum collections.  I liked the sentiment it gives, and the hopefullness for the future.  Seemed appropriate for a graduation card.

Now, which graduate shall I give it to?  Hmm…