Card #113: Awesome!

Well, this is the final week of my pre-made cards, so next week I’ll have to start getting creative again.  Not that I haven’t been creative in the last few weeks as we’ve been getting decorations and other preparations ready for VBS, but I’ll actually have to sit down at my craft desk again instead of on the floor in the living room in front of My Little Pony reruns whilst crafting.

Cuz yeah, that happened.


After I made the “hi” card with the ribbon scraps, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use more of those chipboard letters.  (btw, I did end up having to go back and use some big glue dots on those letters to keep them attached to the card, because the glue on the back just didn’t hold.)  I came up with the idea for this card, and was thinking about making a whole series of cards like it with different words, but then I thought that would be kind of boring.  But maybe I’ll do that anyway, just to use stuff up, and not bother posting them here.  Or doing a big long post with a bunch of cards in the same style.  Who knows?  It ain’t gonna happen for a while, at least until after VBS, if it does happen at all.

Oh, you want to see the card?  Sorry, sometimes the rambling gets out of control.


I tried to find some cardstocks and letter stickers that matched the colors in the “a”, and came up with this simple design.  The light mauve-y pinkish color is a textured cardstock, which adds to the character of the card without adding more colors and making it too busy.

So my thought was to use the letters and do like a series of “b is for blessing” and “c is for caring”, etc. kind of cards, just nice encouragement-type messages.  That would use a lot of my letter stickers, too, which I have a LOT of, so maybe I should work on that sometime.  If I made all the cards with the same layout, it wouldn’t actually be that hard, and it would use a lot of materials, which would be beneficial to my collection, especially if I used a layout that did use some more patterned-type papers.  I really should work on that…

So yeah, I hope you have a great weekend, and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this!


Card #112: Adventure

What?!  Blogging on a Friday?!  What is this madness?!

Yeah, I took the day off to (hopefully) get a ton of stuff done, not the least of which is going to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in an hour!  😀  So excited.

But first, let’s get this week’s blog crossed off the list.

I know the orange paper doesn’t look the same in the two pictures, but trust me, it’s the same card.  I took the pictures on a cloudy, darker day and they just never look as good as when it’s sunny and bright.

Pretty simple card, again.  Do I ever make any that aren’t? I should really work on that.  But this would be a cute card to give to someone heading off on a trip, a kind of “bon voyage” type card.  I’ve had that suitcase sticker in my collection for over a decade, since I’m pretty sure I got it when I was scrapbooking my first trip to Israel 11 years ago.  So yeah, time to use it up.  Unfortunately, I think there’s still one left in the drawer.  But every little bit helps.

Hey, if I quit writing now, I’ll still have time to cross one other thing off my list before I need to leave for the movie.  So, see you next week!

Card #111: hello

Well, I didn’t get my blog posts pre-written, so here I am, worn out and ready to just sit after working all day on VBS decor but instead writing a blog post.  At least I have the cards for this week and the next two done and photographed.  So that’s something.

I made just another basic “hello” card for this post with a die-cut star and letter tags from garage sales and ribbon and red patterned cardstock left over from other project.  Slowly but surely using up stuff in my file cabinet.  The button brads have also been in my collection for several years, and there is very faint “stitching” embossed around the star, so it kind of works as a sewing-themed hello card, especially adding the ribbon to the equation.

I’m seriously sitting here just staring and typing really poorly, though, so I’m gonna go watch Star Wars Rebels and veg for the rest of the night.  Hopefully I’ll get time this week to pre-write the next couple posts so I’m not so boring writing them.  🙂

Card #109: Congratulations!

It’s always more fun making cards when you have a reason to use them.  And with that, I’m sure you’re thinking that I made an Easter card this week, considering the holiday is in two days.  But, I didn’t.  Other than Christmas, I typically only send holiday cards to one residence, and I still had an Easter card left over from last year, so I sent that this week.

No, earlier this week my mom asked me if I had any retirement cards.  I didn’t, but I told her I could make one.  When I heard that the card was for her mailman, I got kind of excited.  I’ve had this piece of scrapbooking paper in my collection for years that I knew would be just perfect for the occasion.


It’s postage stamps!  Perfect, right?  I wanted to use a layout that would really feature the paper, so I found this layout on Pinterest.  This design would be perfect for any card where you really want the focus to be the paper.  I wish I had a “congrats on your retirement” stamp, but the only one at  Hobby Lobby wasn’t very attractive and that’s pretty much my only local source for rubber stamps anymore, other than the very small selection at Joann’s.

Well, I better go get ready for the Good Friday service at church tonight.  A blessed Resurrection Sunday to you!


stamp used: “Congratulations 05” by Stampabilities