Card #111: hello

Well, I didn’t get my blog posts pre-written, so here I am, worn out and ready to just sit after working all day on VBS decor but instead writing a blog post.  At least I have the cards for this week and the next two done and photographed.  So that’s something.

I made just another basic “hello” card for this post with a die-cut star and letter tags from garage sales and ribbon and red patterned cardstock left over from other project.  Slowly but surely using up stuff in my file cabinet.  The button brads have also been in my collection for several years, and there is very faint “stitching” embossed around the star, so it kind of works as a sewing-themed hello card, especially adding the ribbon to the equation.

I’m seriously sitting here just staring and typing really poorly, though, so I’m gonna go watch Star Wars Rebels and veg for the rest of the night.  Hopefully I’ll get time this week to pre-write the next couple posts so I’m not so boring writing them.  🙂

Card #110: Graduation Criss-cross

Ok, so time kind of got away from me this afternoon.  I spent the morning and a good part of the afternoon at church making banners for Vacation Bible School and then decided I wasn’t done, so I came home and worked on some more!  And now it’s almost eleven at night and I’m just getting around to blogging.  Thing is, I didn’t want to stop because I still have one banner in mind to make, and sorry, but I’d rather be working on that than blogging right now.


Guess I’ll add that to tomorrow’s list instead.

This week’s card is pretty simple.


I had in mind to do the criss-cross with the washi tape, but originally I had picked a different sentiment sticker to use on the bottom.  Long story short, one embellishment choice led to another led to another and I ended up with a graduation card.  Funny how it just works out like that sometimes.

I know the criss-cross with the tape would have been more effective with four different colors/designs, but I didn’t really have any other ones that went with these two, and I wanted to keep the card kind of masculine, which is why I chose these two in the first place.  So it’s just a nice, simple card for a graduating fellow.

Do people still use the word “fellow,” or am I aging myself with that?

*insert side-eyed emoji here*

Anyway, in addition to making one more banner tomorrow, I am also planning on making a few cards for the next three weeks of posts.  And taking pictures of the cards so I can pre-write the posts as well.  Since I have a feeling the next three Saturdays of VBS prep are going to sap more energy than today’s did and I won’t feel like blogging after the fact.  So, time to put my creative thinking cap on tomorrow!

Card #109: Congratulations!

It’s always more fun making cards when you have a reason to use them.  And with that, I’m sure you’re thinking that I made an Easter card this week, considering the holiday is in two days.  But, I didn’t.  Other than Christmas, I typically only send holiday cards to one residence, and I still had an Easter card left over from last year, so I sent that this week.

No, earlier this week my mom asked me if I had any retirement cards.  I didn’t, but I told her I could make one.  When I heard that the card was for her mailman, I got kind of excited.  I’ve had this piece of scrapbooking paper in my collection for years that I knew would be just perfect for the occasion.


It’s postage stamps!  Perfect, right?  I wanted to use a layout that would really feature the paper, so I found this layout on Pinterest.  This design would be perfect for any card where you really want the focus to be the paper.  I wish I had a “congrats on your retirement” stamp, but the only one at  Hobby Lobby wasn’t very attractive and that’s pretty much my only local source for rubber stamps anymore, other than the very small selection at Joann’s.

Well, I better go get ready for the Good Friday service at church tonight.  A blessed Resurrection Sunday to you!


stamp used: “Congratulations 05” by Stampabilities

Card #108: Hooray! birthday card

Today has been absolutely gorgeous out!  I don’t think it hit 81 degrees like they were predicting, but then again, I wouldn’t know.  I’ve been inside all day working on Vacation Bible School prep.  At least I’ve got my windows open!

Yeah, it’s getting to be that time of year again where a large portion of my free time (including many Saturdays) will be taken up with VBS stuff, but I’m going to try to do a little better on my blog this year.  Last year for the month or so before VBS week, I took time off from my blog so I didn’t have the pressure of trying to get EVERYTHING accomplished.  I’m hoping this year, instead of taking time off, of getting some cards done ahead of time, so that the weeks that I’m working on set design and such on Saturdays, I can have cards and blog posts all prepped and ready to publish.  Maybe it’s cheating a little bit, but that way I’ll still have something new for my readers each week without having the time crunch of trying to get it done when I’m busy with other things.

That’s my plan anyway.  I’ve got a couple weeks to get extra cards done before my Saturdays are booked, so we’ll see if I can get that accomplished amidst my other stuff I need to get done.

Anyway, as far as this week goes, I think the card turned out pretty darn cute.  And I used up a set of embellishments from which I only had a couple left, so that felt good.


I don’t know why I pulled these out, but I had decided I wanted to use embellishments instead of stamps again this week, so when I dug into my drawer, I just pulled out a file, and it happened to be the “birthday” file.  I found these and was like, “hey, if I use these two, I can actually use something all the way up!”  So that’s what I did.  🙂

I found a card layout on my Pinterest inspiration board that seemed like it would work pretty well with these stickers, and the candle paper was a scrap I had left over.  After deciding on colors, the card came together pretty quickly.  I added the gems at the end for a little extra interest and sparkle.

I did use a happy birthday stamp on the inside and outlined it with the purple on the front of the card.

And now I think it’s time to quit staring at my computer for the day and go do something else.  Like I should probably go find out if my renaissance costume still fits, since that’s what I’ll be wearing for VBS this year!  Gonna be fun times!


stamp used: “happy birthday” by Great Impressions