A New Vision

*le sigh*




Somehow, writing this post kind of feel like a defeat, a surrender.  Throwing in the towel.  Waving the white flag.

And yet, in other ways, it is so freeing and burden-lifting that I just want to jump up and shout for joy.

I have come to the conclusion that making a card every week is no longer giving me the joy and satisfaction that it used to.  I was pretty faithful at making them for about two and a half years, which I think is pretty darn good.  And I had fun at first, I really did.  But, as time passed, the commitment to making them become more of a chore and burden than something I looked forward to.  My creative juices just haven’t been flowing in the papercrafting arena for quite a while, and stuff online just isn’t sparking the inspiration like it used to.

And so, with that realization, I have decided to cease the “weekly” cards (I know, they haven’t been weekly for a good long while!).  I have other crafting interests, which I will get into in a minute, that are taking more of my time now and have rekindled in me the desire to create.  And as a naturally creative person, having something going on that inspires me and makes me want to work with my hands again is like a breath of fresh air compared to my feelings of dread when I thought about making cards.

Maybe dread is too strong a word.  More like, “mild displeasure” or “intense mental grumbling.”

And while I feel slightly like I will be letting my readership down, let’s be real.  I don’t really have a readership.  Six people visited my blog after I posted the last card a couple weeks ago.  I didn’t really start the blog as a way to gain readers, it was more of a way to keep myself accountable to making cards and using up supplies.  So, I’d rather disappoint the very few people that read my blog and change things up to make myself happy than continue with a project I no longer enjoy.

I do still have too many papercrafting supplies, though, so I will be decluttering my stash and just getting rid of a bunch instead of trying to use it.  Including the chipboard letters I was going to use on the alphabet cards I was going to start making.  🙂  Getting rid of stuff I know I will never use will be so much more freeing than continuing to hang onto it like some crazed hoarder.

1-25-18 c

And it will make room for other supplies that are taking up space in my office.  🙂

Which brings me to my next subject.  I’m not going to discontinue my blog, just redefine what I’m doing with it.  The blog is called “Geek Girl Creations” after all, not “Geek Girl Cards.”  I’m planning on keeping you up to date on my latest projects and creations, a lot of which will be these guys:

1-25-18 a

I’m planning on having a craft booth at a local show this fall trying to sell these lovely ornaments.  But that means that I need to make a whole bundle of them.

1-25-18 b

This is my stash so far.  I think I’ve got a looooong way to go.  😉

So I’m going to pop into the blog to showcase my latest creations, be they ornaments for my booth, or other random crafts that I’m working on (I’ve got two projects in the planning stages right now that I’m dying to get to!), or maybe even just to post a pretty, random photograph that I take once in a while.  And yes, if I do make a card for a special occasion or if the inspiration randomly strikes, I will post those, too.  I’m not going to dump ALL of my papercrafting supplies, after all!  🙂

So yeah, new year, new blog.  I’m excited to see where this year takes me/us on this creative journey, and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!



Card #115: Dragon!!

Wow, I got busy working on VBS stuff and almost forgot that I hadn’t blogged yet today!  I can’t believe VBS is only a week away, you guys!  Yikes!  We did some more decorating at church this afternoon, and let me tell ya, it looks ah-mazing!  It’s going to still be a TON of work next Saturday getting everything else ready, but it’s going to be so awesome when it’s done!

Speaking of VBS, as I’ve been working on stuff and getting prepared, I’ve really been wanting to make a card with my Dreams and Dragons stamp set.  It just fits the medieval theme so perfectly.  🙂


This is based on a layout I had pinned ages ago using the same stamps but different materials.  I just colored the dragon with colored pencils and layered him over a couple different colors of cardstock on top of the cloud paper.

But, remember this guy, that I declared my absolute favorite adhesive?

adhesive runner


I’ve decided I now have a love/hate relationship with it.  I do still love how it works, and especially the way it works with patterned paper, since the thinner material is more easily susceptible to not laying flat with little adhesive squares.  But it sure is dang hard to lay something down straight!  You can totally see that the cloud paper is crooked on the base card.  😦  And with this stuff, once it’s down, it stays down!  So yeah, love/hate this adhesive.

Anywho, my album is about done playing and I really should try to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, so toodles!


Stamps used: both stamps from Stampin’ Up set Dreams and Dragons


Baby Shower Gift Bags

Hey guys.

So, this week kind of threw a curve ball at me and my family and I didn’t have time to make a card.  Sorry.

But, I did work on another papercraft project that used up a “good chunk” of my stash of paper.  I put “good chunk” in quotes because, you’d think 20 pieces of different papers would seem like a lot, but it hardly made a dent.  But still, it’s 20 pieces that either got partly used or completely used, so, yay for using up bits of my stash!

The Alpha Center, which you know by know I help out there regularly, is having their yearly baby shower to collect items for their baby closet, where clients can redeem points to buy things they need for their coming little ones.  This year they are having an actual event at their facility instead of only collecting items throughout the month and they are putting together some thank you gift bags for the first 20 people that attend.  They asked me to come up with a way to decorate some white paper bags to use for the gift bags.

Of course, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, and found this pin which was my starting off point:


I found a simple clip-art of a onesie online and used it to cut out 20 onesies with the Cricut.


Like I said, I used 20 different patterns of paper, and I think will be really fun that none of the gift bags will look exactly the same.  Some of the patterns, though, are pretty dark or too bold to put the “thank you” actually on the onesie, so I printed some stickers to put on the bags.


I don’t have the clothespins with me, so I can’t show you the actual finished bags, but the onesie will be clipped to the bag with the clothespins, which will also keep the bag shut, just like in the original pin.

And that’s it for this week!  Hopefully next week I’ll be back with an actual card to show you guys.  Honestly, though, I used up more of my stash with this than with any single card.  🙂

Card #84: September Challenge: ♥ = Wedding

Ugh, this is why I don’t take naps.

My alarm went off at 4 o’clock this morning so I could go help set up a booth at the Sidewalk Arts Festival, and I didn’t get to bed until really late last night, on top of going to bed late all week, so I am overtired.  After wandering around the show until around noon, I came home and took a nap.  But the thing about me is, I can’t take a 20 minute nap like normal people.  It takes me way too long to fall asleep in the first place, then when I finally do I’m asleep for a good long while.  I set an alarm for 2, shut it off when it started singing, and stayed in bed until 3.  And now I just feel like my whole day is shot (besides still being tired), and I have no ambition to get anything done.  I’ll probably finish this, go grab some apple crisp, and watch Netflix for the rest of the evening.

Yay, weekend.  🙂

So, anyway, it’s September, which means a new challenge, which I’m really excited about.  This month, I’m calling it the “Never-Used Stamp Challenge.”  Each card I make, I will use at least one stamp that I’ve never used before.  I was digging through my stash last night and picked something for each week.  This is going to be really fun, and it’s going to be hard to pick which one to do next week!

To start off with, I decided to use these stamps that I got on clearance this spring at Hobby Lobby:


When I saw them, I thought they were really fun and I had an idea right away of how to use them.  So I brought that idea to culmination this week and made these two wedding cards:


I’m not extremely happy with the way the pink girls turned out, but that’s the fault of the stamp pad I used.  I think the design of the cards is really cute.

It’s kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but the striped cardstock in the first picture is actually kind of pearlescent.  I had harvested that piece years ago from a wedding invitation my family received.  Nothing like recycling!  🙂  And the silver on the second card is silver glitter, which again is kind of hard to see in the picture, but it is really pretty in person.  The rectangle with the stamps and stickers are held on with foam squares to give a little dimension, and I drew the plus and equal signs on with a silver metallic pen.  The embellishments are from Jolee’s boutique “Engagement Rings” set.

Both cards have the Congratulations stamp on the inside.  If I could do it over, I think I would do the simple round corners on both cards and not the fancy ones on the glittery card.  I don’t know, but I think the fancy cut kind of distracts a bit from the stamps.



My brain really isn’t working anymore for writing more.  So I’m going to sign off.  See you next week for the second part of the Never-Used Stamp Challenge!


Stamps used: “His”, “Hers”, and “Cursive Congratulations” by Stampabilities, and “Puny Heart” (I think) from Stampendous