And here I am again, back with more thoughts and no crafts.  Hey, when I talked about the changes that were coming to my blog this year, I mentioned that I would be possibly doing some posts like this.

So there.  😉

Now, before I start, let me just clarify by stating that I absolutely adore Lindsey Stirling’s music.  She is one incredibly talented violinist, I own all her albums, and I would pay a pretty penny to get to see her live in concert.  #bucketlist  This post is not to hate on Lindsey, or her music, or anything like that, so please don’t take it as such.

That being said, I’ve personally got an issue with one of the songs from her latest album, “Brave Enough.”  Actually, two songs, but not liking “Mirage” is simply a style preference.  🙂

No, the song that’s really giving me issues is “Love’s Just a Feeling.”  When I first heard it, I liked it.  And I still like the instrument part of the song.  It’s got a good beat and again, Lindsey’s violin-playing is top notch.  But the more I focused on the words of the song, the more I have come the conclusion that I just can’t listen to that one anymore.

The chorus goes:

‘Cause love’s just a feeling
Some kind of emotion
When you need the healing
When you’re all broken
Don’t overthink it
But for the moment live slowly
‘Cause love’s just a feeling
And right now I’m open, I’m open

I’m sorry, but love is not “just a feeling.”  Love is a choice, and something that you really do have to think about, or perhaps even “overthink” about.  Do you think any marriage, or any relationship at all for that matter, would last if love was just a feeling?  Every single relationship goes through times where the emotion just isn’t there.  Emotions and feelings change with the wind.  Ask any eleven-year-old with a crush.

If love was just a feeling, no one would ever commit to one person for their whole life (and yes, that does still happen).  No one would ever join the military and risk their lives for “love of country” or even love for their family.  How much love does a parent feel after the 8th time being woken up in the middle of the same night by a crying baby?

Love isn’t just a feeling.

Real love is so, so much more.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Easter, commemorating the day that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified for our sins.  Do you really think that Jesus would have come to suffer and die on our behalf if love was “just a feeling”?  Would anyone in their right mind willingly be beaten, scourged, mocked, despised, and ultimately nailed to a cross to die if love wasn’t anything more than an emotion?  Of course not!    But because love isn’t just a feeling, Jesus did come and go through all that to provide a way for us to be saved from our sins and to get to live with Him in heaven forever.

Because He loves us.


Love is a choice, a commitment, a decision that says no matter what the other party in the relationship does, you will stay true and faithful and committed to that person.  Feelings change, emotions run the gamut, but true love will never end.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a
Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.

So yeah, I won’t be listening to that song from “Brave Enough” anymore.  Thank goodness there are so many other great tracks on the album, like “The Arena” and “Hold My Heart.”  😀

I hope you have a very blessed Easter, celebrating the Risen Savior who loves you!

And I promise, my next post will be a craft.  🙂


Card #121: Baby Shower Card

Hey, I actually have a card for you this week!  How about that?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since the Alpha Center’s Meet the Babies event, where the clients from the past year who attended the Tuesday night class that I volunteer at can come back after they’ve had their babies and just hang out and eat food and have fun fellowshipping with other families.  It’s always a fun night, and I get to make the invitations every year.


The great thing about this card is that the only supplies I needed to get for it were adhesive squares (which I needed to get anyway).  Everything else I already had on hand!  I’ve been going through my papercrafting stash to clean out and declutter for our garage sale, and as I was going through one of my cabinets, I found this OLD pack of blank white cards and envelopes.  There were 28 left in the pack, and that’s exactly how many cards I needed to make!  I was so excited to use them up!  The yellow stripes, cut-out white ducks, and background paper were all leftovers from other Meet the Babies invitations I’ve made in the past.  So the only “new” cardstock I used was the green layer, the blue that I printed “You’re Invited” on, and the inside white that I printed the event details on (“new” meaning not scraps).

It feels so good to use things up.  🙂

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet today.  It’s Saturday and I’ve got a long list of stuff to accomplish this weekend.  Not to mention, I’m getting hungry.    😉

Lot’s Daughters and the Levite’s Wife

Ok, just to warn you, this post is going to be very different from any I have posted before.  No crafts, no tutorials, no life updates.  But I’ve had this stuff on my mind for a week and needed an outlet to talk about it, and this was the best option.

I started going through a Bible study this year that talks about a different woman in the Bible each week.

women of the bible
Image from Amazon

The study is for one year, but I didn’t get started right away so I’m a few weeks behind.  Last week, the woman of focus was Lot’s wife.  If you’re not familiar with her story, basically she and her husband and family lived in Sodom, the most degenerate place on earth at the time.  God was going to destroy the city because of their wickedness, but out of His mercy, he sent two angels to get Lot and his family out of the city before He destroyed it.  The men of the city tried to get Lot to turn the angels over to them so they could “know them carnally,” to use the Scripture’s wording.  Lot offered his two daughters to the men instead.  Long story short, the angels got Lot and his family out of the city, but Lot’s wife turned back to look, against direct orders, and turned into a pillar of salt.  And the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were utterly destroyed with fire from heaven.

Yeah, that happened.  The story can be found in Genesis 19, if you want the dirty details.

But then, in my own personal Bible reading, I just happened to be in the book of Judges, chapters 19 and following, which tells the story of the Levite from Ephraim and his wife.  Again, long story short, these two were traveling on their way home and stopped in Gibeah.  They were invited to lodge with another man from Ephraim who lived there.  And, just as in Lot’s story, the men of Gibeah came at night and demanded that the host turn over his guest for their sexually depraved desires.  And, again, the host and Levite instead offered up their daughter and wife, respectively.  The men took the Levite’s wife, had their way with her all night, and left her dead at the door.  Word spread throughout Israel of this tragedy, and they came against Gibeah and destroyed it.

It definitely wasn’t by choice that I was studying these two passages at the same time, but I couldn’t help but be struck by the similarities between the two.  In both cases, the wicked men violently demanded satisfaction to their depraved desires.  In ancient times, hospitality was highly viewed and honored, and instead of giving up their guests and damaging their images/social standing, the hosts in these stories gave up the most innocent and  helpless people available to be ravaged.  People who were given absolutely no choice in the matter.

And in both cases, the ultimate end of the story was complete destruction for the wicked.

And while stories of this exact nature may not seem exactly common at this point in history, or even relevant to the casual observer, how many millions of innocent lives have been slaughtered in the name of  “choice.”  Daily, the most innocent and helpless among us are killed to preserve social standing, out of “convenience,” pressure, fear, etc.  The lives of our unborn are offered up on the altar of selfishness and sin.  And that’s just one of the many ways this country/world has turned their backs on God and His Word.

We thumb our noses at His commands, willfully and gleefully disregard His laws and will, seek our own pleasures and desires instead of seeking Him and His truth.

And I have to wonder, how long until God says, “Enough is enough,” and He rains down the same destruction upon us.

3-9-18 a


I was going to talk about something else in this post, too, but I think that’s enough for today.  I’ll save that one for another day.  Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  I hope it gave you some food for thought at least.

More ornaments!

Hey everybody!

Anybody else totally addicted to the Olympics going on right now?


I don’t know why I’m so into it this year.   I never get into the summer Olympics, and usually I don’t bother much with the winter games unless I feel like trying to catch some of the figure skating.  And yes, that’s totally what I’m watching for most, but I get home and turn the tv on at 7 and just have playing whatever is on while I’m working on other things.  I definitely don’t work on anything else while the skating is happening, though.  🙂

And I will freely admit that I have stayed up WAY TOO LATE far too much watching these games and it’s starting to wear, but gosh dang it, I can’t help it!  I’m just into it this time around, and since the games only happen every four years, I don’t feel too guilty over it.  I’m currently waiting for ice dancing to start in about fifteen minutes…

In any case, in honor of the Olympics and feeling all American, I made some patriotic fabric ornaments this week.

2-18-18 b

I made the one on the right first, as it is the same pattern I’ve been doing since I started.  And I added the little star charm for a flash of bling.  The butterfly ornament was my first attempt at making one with the picture in the middle.  I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out, but since it’s just the first one, I guess it’s alright.  The Peanuts one in the middle was my second and a half attempt.  I tried a different fabric first, but the picture was too big, so I gave up on that and switched over to Charlie Brown.  I did more measuring and readjusting on that one as I went, so I’m a lot happier with how that one turned out.

2-18-18 a

The pictures on the back half of the ornaments are different.  And I added some silver beads to the Peanuts ornament to make it a little more interesting.

Now that I’ve made a couple of this pattern, I think future ones will be a little easier, but I’m definitely going to have to reevaluate some of the ones I had planned to do.  I’ve got a better understanding of the size of pictures that fit and how they need to be laid out on the fabric for it to work properly and cover the whole ornament.  I need to go through my stack of planned ornaments and see if there’s anything that will need to be eliminated from the plans.

Ok, I’m off to make some hot chocolate and grab a snack for the games!

Go U.S.A.!!!