Card #115: Dragon!!

Wow, I got busy working on VBS stuff and almost forgot that I hadn’t blogged yet today!  I can’t believe VBS is only a week away, you guys!  Yikes!  We did some more decorating at church this afternoon, and let me tell ya, it looks ah-mazing!  It’s going to still be a TON of work next Saturday getting everything else ready, but it’s going to be so awesome when it’s done!

Speaking of VBS, as I’ve been working on stuff and getting prepared, I’ve really been wanting to make a card with my Dreams and Dragons stamp set.  It just fits the medieval theme so perfectly.  🙂


This is based on a layout I had pinned ages ago using the same stamps but different materials.  I just colored the dragon with colored pencils and layered him over a couple different colors of cardstock on top of the cloud paper.

But, remember this guy, that I declared my absolute favorite adhesive?

adhesive runner


I’ve decided I now have a love/hate relationship with it.  I do still love how it works, and especially the way it works with patterned paper, since the thinner material is more easily susceptible to not laying flat with little adhesive squares.  But it sure is dang hard to lay something down straight!  You can totally see that the cloud paper is crooked on the base card.  😦  And with this stuff, once it’s down, it stays down!  So yeah, love/hate this adhesive.

Anywho, my album is about done playing and I really should try to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, so toodles!


Stamps used: both stamps from Stampin’ Up set Dreams and Dragons



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