Card #107: hi

I’m sitting here staring at my monitor trying to come up with a clever way to start this post, but in my sleep-deprived state, my brain is just not functioning.  Add to that the fact that I’m listening to the Rogue One soundtrack and “Your Father Would Be Proud” is playing and (again in my sleep-deprived mindset) I just want to burst into tears, and we’re not off to a great start to this post.


Plus I have typing difficulties when I’m tired.

Yeah, I should probably have taken a nap today.



The card I made this week has been an idea in my head for several years.  And I’m not exaggerating.  I think the very first pin on my “card inspiration” board on Pinterest is the inspiration for this card.

The background is all little leftover pieces of ribbon that I’ve been collecting for a while.  Of course, the card on my pin board used all sorts of really fancy ribbon pieces that put mine to shame, but this is what I had on hand.  I used all grosgrain ribbon pieces, but I think it would look cute to use different kinds of ribbon finishes in the same card, too.  And I did cut ONE piece of ribbon from a spool instead of using a scrap, but only because I needed a specific size to fit in a certain spot.  Other than that piece, everything, including all the cardstock, was from scraps.  The ribbon was all adhered down with glue dots, which seem to be holding pretty well.

I think it would have looked better if the “hi” was a solid dark color to stand out better against the background, but I’ve had these chipboard letters for a long time and they seemed like a better option than cardstock letters.  I may have to try another card like this using different kinds of ribbon and bolder-colored letters.  I do still have lots of little ribbon scraps that I’ve saved, so maybe I’ll make an extra card like that one of these days.

And now I’m just staring at the flickering flames of my candle on my desk, so I should probably sign off.  Talk to you next week!


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