Card #106: Elephants!

I have this cabinet in my bedroom that contains a large selection of my crafting supplies, including my box of miscellaneous envelopes that I use with my cards.  Each week, I open the doors of that cabinet to select my envelopes, and each week, I’m taunted by two unfinished cards that have been sitting in there for months, waiting for me to complete them when inspiration strikes.

Well, I can’t say that inspiration actually struck this week, but I decided it was time to end the taunting and finally finish those cards.

I don’t even remember when I started them or what I ended up doing instead when I gave up before, but this is what I ended up doing with them this week.


I had adhered down the grassy paper onto the green base card, and that’s how they’ve sat.  I know I had originally planned to use some of the stickers from the Safari Animals set from mambi minis, which is what I did end up using, but I don’t recall what I had planned to do.  I dug through my vellum sentiments to see if there was anything appropriate that could work with cute animals, but there wasn’t anything, so I ended up using this stamp that I got online ages ago and don’t recall where from.


I did have to use two different sizes and colors of gems on the cards because I only had three of the little green gems on the first card.  Those matched slightly better, but the little bit larger and lighter ones on the second card work as well.  They just added a nice little touch.

I am glad to finally not have to think about these unfinished cards in my cabinet ever again!  🙂


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