Card #102: Happiness

Ah, South Dakota.  Where in February you can enjoy 60 degree weather one day and have a snowstorm the next.  I was greatly enjoying wandering around outside without a coat and it totally put me in the mood for spring.  And now instead, I’m watching one of my neighbor kids out the window building a fort in the snow.

*le sigh*

In an effort to keep the happy spring thoughts alive, my card this week looks very springy.

In an effort to continue using old supplies, I was digging through my vellum sentiments and found this one, which I thought would make a nice card.  All the colored and patterned paper and cardstock came from my scrap bins and I’ve had that set of sparkly flowers from K&Company for ages.

I’m still thinking I should invest in some new vellum tape, though, since the old stuff I have is so yellow!  I should pick some up when I run to Hobby Lobby this week.

I had picked another vellum sentiment to use on another card, but then I asked myself “why?”  I’ve noticed recently in making my cards for this blog that I haven’t been enjoying it as much as I used to, that it seems more of a chore than a fun, creative activity.  And I think that part of it is because I’ve been trying to make too many cards.  If I limit myself to just one a week, it doesn’t take as long or as much thinking for designing and will hopefully be more fun again.  So that’s my plan for a while at least.

I hope you’re having a great weekend enjoying whatever the weather has decided to throw at you!


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