Card #101: Family

Wow, has this been a week.  Mostly the end of the week, but still.  Without getting into details, we had a major health scare in my family.  Thankfully, everyone’s going to be ok, but it was still really scary and not the kind of thing anybody wants to go through.  I was actually talking to a coworker on Thursday, who is also dealing with family health issues, and she was saying that it’s scary how something happens that causes things to change so fast.  Then that afternoon is when our drama started.


Timing is everything.

Then to top it off, my phone went kaput last night.  Being cut off from communication, especially with this family drama going on, is the last thing I wanted to deal with right now!

But on to the cards: I was really responsible this week and got my cards made on Monday night (usually I’m scrambling on Friday night get them done, thankfully that wasn’t the case this week).  The ironic thing is the subject matter of these final cards in this set is “family”.  Just driving home again how important family is.

Yes, God’s timing is perfect.

The first two cards are Father’s and Mother’s Day cards.  I added the ribbon to the Father’s Day card to add a little interest and shine.  I think it still looks pretty masculine, though, even with the ribbon.  🙂  And I know the Mother’s Day card is basically the same layout as a “friend” card I made a couple weeks ago, but in trying to use up materials, I found all the purples that blended into the ombre effect so nicely, so I thought it was a pretty way to design it.  I added a little purple gem to the middle of the largest flower, again for some sparkle and interest.


This one is just a few layers of coordinating papers, but the message on it this week is more important to me than ever.

Now, use this week’s card set as a reminder to NEVER take your family for granted.  Go out today and hug your loved ones and tell them you love them, ‘cuz you never know when the last time is you’ll get to tell them.  And while you do that, I’m headed off to Verizon to see if they can fix my paperweight.


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