Card #100: Love

Wow, it’s hard to believe that this is my 100th post about cards.  It’s not my 100th post over all since I have shared other things on this blog as well, but it is card post #100, and that’s pretty cool.  Cue the confetti!


This week I decided to use the “love” themed sentiment cards from the set I’m trying to use up.  I figured that was pretty appropriate considering Valentine’s Day is next week.

I kind of went with a “ribbon and brads” theme on these two cards.  The layout for both is very simple and just has a couple extra embellishments from my own stash to make the cards more interesting.  I sat at my desk struggling for a good long while trying to figure out how to use the little purple ribbon on the right card as a bow on the left card and eventually gave up and used the wider ribbon on the left card instead (the colors match a lot better in person, I promise!).  But I think they both turned out better in the end anyway.


This card doesn’t exactly fit the “love” theme, but people who love each other want to get together to hang out, right?  That’s my justification for making this card this week.  Plus it really didn’t fit in next week’s sentiment set either.  This card only used patterned and colored paper from the supply set and no extra embellishments.  But I figured since the whole point of the last few weeks was to use up supplies and the other two cards I made this week really didn’t use up much at all, I thought I should make at least one that did!  It may be a bit busy, but I think the layered look is kinda fun.

And now, I only have one week’s worth of cards left to use up the sentiment cards!  Yay!  I’ve had all the papers from the supply set scattered across my craft desk for the past several weeks, so it’ll be nice to put the rest of it away after next week and have my desk back.  🙂


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