Baby Shower Gift Bags

Hey guys.

So, this week kind of threw a curve ball at me and my family and I didn’t have time to make a card.  Sorry.

But, I did work on another papercraft project that used up a “good chunk” of my stash of paper.  I put “good chunk” in quotes because, you’d think 20 pieces of different papers would seem like a lot, but it hardly made a dent.  But still, it’s 20 pieces that either got partly used or completely used, so, yay for using up bits of my stash!

The Alpha Center, which you know by know I help out there regularly, is having their yearly baby shower to collect items for their baby closet, where clients can redeem points to buy things they need for their coming little ones.  This year they are having an actual event at their facility instead of only collecting items throughout the month and they are putting together some thank you gift bags for the first 20 people that attend.  They asked me to come up with a way to decorate some white paper bags to use for the gift bags.

Of course, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, and found this pin which was my starting off point:


I found a simple clip-art of a onesie online and used it to cut out 20 onesies with the Cricut.


Like I said, I used 20 different patterns of paper, and I think will be really fun that none of the gift bags will look exactly the same.  Some of the patterns, though, are pretty dark or too bold to put the “thank you” actually on the onesie, so I printed some stickers to put on the bags.


I don’t have the clothespins with me, so I can’t show you the actual finished bags, but the onesie will be clipped to the bag with the clothespins, which will also keep the bag shut, just like in the original pin.

And that’s it for this week!  Hopefully next week I’ll be back with an actual card to show you guys.  Honestly, though, I used up more of my stash with this than with any single card.  🙂


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