Card #97: Back to the original purpose

All I really want to do right now is go eat some supper and read the book I got in the mail yesterday.  But instead here I am, writing a blog post about the card I made today.  You’re welcome.


As I was trying to decide what kind of card to make today, I got to thinking back about the original point of this whole blog: using up materials I already have.  Trying to thin down my stock of supplies.  And over the course of the past two years, I have done some of that, to be sure.  But, I’ve also added back to my stash.  I think I’m still at a net loss, as in I’ve used more than I’ve purchased (and obviously some things like adhesives and such don’t count as “buying more”), but my drawer of embellishments is still very tightly-packed and my bin of scrap cardstock is still overflowing.  So, I really need to get back to the “use it up” purpose of this blog.

Aside from the white cardstock, last week’s cards were made with using scrap pieces of cardstock, so I’m off to a good start.  And this week I used a few pieces of patterned paper that I’ve had for years.  They were part of a set of supplies gifted to me by my grandma.  And since they all coordinate, the card this week came together pretty easily.

I just layered a few pieces of the patterns over a few pieces of the solids and added the cute angel sticker for the sentiment.

Lol, just looking at it now, I realized that I didn’t glue it down exactly how I had planned to when I was laying it out.  Whoops!  Ah, the things you notice in hindsight.  Oh well, it’s still cute.

I didn’t use up much for supplies in this card, but it’s a start anyway.


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