Card #94: A Trio of Cards

Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away?!  I mean, where has December gone?  That’s my excuse for not getting a card up last week.  This month is just flying by and there’s so much to do!  So, to make up for not getting a card made for you guys last week, I made three for this week!  They are all pretty simple designs that can be quickly thrown together if you need a last-minute card.

So, in order of how I made them:


I had actually planned out a whole cool scene card with a window and a fireplace, making like a cozy house with a tree and presents, but for some reason I couldn’t get Cricut Access to work when I was making the card.  The day before, while I was trying to make some treats for a Christmas party, I got logged on and had to update the app.  But I didn’t have time to actually cut anything out.  And the next day when I actually had time to sit down and work on cards, I couldn’t get the plug-in to load.  After several attempts, I gave up and made this instead.  I’m still hoping to try something like I had originally planned eventually, but for now this works.


I’ve had this cookie paper for a while and when I was digging through my Christmas stickers, I found this cute sheet of all different kinds of Christmas cookies and I thought they would be cute together.  I like how the cookies frame the red which in turn frames the cream.  And what’s more fun than Christmas cookies?  🙂  My mom and I had our annual Christmas baking day today, and it definitely was fun!


I’ve seen cards on Pinterest with button ornaments or button holly, so I decided to combine the two.  This is really the simplest card possible, but it’s still so cute!  I just used a green marker to draw on the holly leaves and a silver one for the strings and ornament tops.  The buttons are held on with glue dots.  Add a simple sentiment at the bottom, and you’re set!

So there you go!  I hope that makes up for me missing last week.  I really should check my list and see if I have enough Christmas cards made now for the few people that I send them to.

Have a great week!


One thought on “Card #94: A Trio of Cards

  1. Deb Pommier December 12, 2016 / 10:23 pm

    I like them all, but the cookie one best! 🙂


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