Card #92: Stained Glass Nativity

It snowed here yesterday, like icky blowing and heavy snow, which was really un-fun to drive in.  But it did make me feel not so guilty about listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  🙂  And with the sun shining so bright in the blue sky today, I have to admit it looked kinda pretty.  Still ugly on the roads, though.

For my card this week, I used a new set of stamps I got on clearance from Stampin’ Up a couple weeks ago.  I used all four stamps in the set and really like the designs, though I was reminded again why I’m not really a fan of clear stamps.  And yes, I know I said I was going to get rid of them all, but this was a different kind of clear stamp than the ones I have that just don’t stick to the blocks.  So they didn’t fall off the blocks, but the large stamp was still difficult to get a good image with.  It took me 7 tries to get three of the window stamps to look nice.


I kept the design of the card really simple for two reasons.  One, I wanted the bright, vivid colors of the window to really stand out against the black.  And two, the simple design really emphasizes the simple truth and beauty of Christmas and the reason why we celebrate: Jesus came to earth to live and die for our sins and Christmas is the celebration of His birth.  I didn’t think that message needed to be drowned out by a bunch of embellishing for this card.

You’ll notice a couple differences between the two cards.  The one on the right was kind of my “test card”.  I was originally going to color it all with markers, but after coloring Mary’s veil with a marker and getting lots of streaks, I switched to colored pencils.  I had also originally planned on using all blues for the family, but I didn’t have enough different-enough blues so I switched up Joseph’s clothes.  And yes, I know Mary’s dress looks purple, but I promise the pencil looked blue before I started coloring!  And it looked good, and again I didn’t have enough blues, so I just went with it.

The round starburst on the window is a separate stamp that looks the same as that part of the window stamp.  I colored it so the same oranges and yellows were streaking out from the star all the way to the edge, then attached the circle with mounting foam.

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving next week!  And then we can start actively celebrating Christmas!


Stamps used: all 4 stamps from the Stampin’ Up set “Gentle Peace”


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