Card #91: Merry Christ-mouse

What, I’m posting this week’s card on Wednesday?  Yeah, I kinda have to.  The rest of my evenings and Saturday this week are booked helping my parents with a craft show, so I’m getting this up while I still can and not be late.

I used up the rest of my marbled cardstock this week, and I love how the cards turned out.  Again, like last week, some of the pretty swirly-ness got covered up by the stamped images, but there’s enough showing that it still looks really cool.


I made four cards all the same design and tried to lay the images down so the best parts of the swirls still showed.


I wanted to use a stamp that could incorporate red and green into the picture, so the mouse in the wreath was perfect and added a little whimsy to the design (who could resist that cute little smile?).  I layered the mouse over a piece of green cardstock, and the Merry Christmas over red and green layers, which made the words stand out a little better.  After placing them, though, the cards seemed to be missing a little something.  So I made the little bows for the corner and put the two shiny stickers over the berries hanging directly over the mouse.

I think that added the perfect touch.  Plus, I’m getting pretty good at tying little bows!  I actually impressed myself with how nice they turned out.  The bows are held on with a sticky glue dot.

Two weeks of Christmas cards down.  I should really make a list of the few people I send cards to anymore and figure out how many I actually need.  With the couple leftover from last year and the three designs already this month, I might not even need anymore and could quit now!  Ah, who am I kidding?  I have way too many Christmas stamps and stickers to quit already.  😀


Stamps used: “Merry Christmas 02” by Stampabilities, mouse in wreath by Great Impressions


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