Card #90: Snowy Marble Swirls

It’s November! Yay!  Although, the past couple days have hit the 70’s, so it hasn’t felt like November.  But, two days ago it hit me that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away!  And then I get to decorate for Christmas!  Hobby Lobby already has their Christmas decor half price, and I picked up a couple things when I was there this week.  I really wanted to get the stuffed Snoopy that spins and plays the Charlie Brown theme song and is really just stinking cute, but I put him back on the shelf.  For now…

Now last month when I was doing my cardstock decorating challenge, I made a few pieces with the shaving cream marble technique in red and green and blue.  I used the blue sheets this week, mainly because I wanted to use up the cardstock from that challenge and not have it sitting on my desk any longer.  So I made four cards this week, all slightly different, using the blue marbled cardstock.

The first two I made with this adorable hedgehog stamp.  I had originally planned to do a really swirly snowflake design, but I don’t really have any good swirly snowflake stamps, so that didn’t pan out.  Looking at them now, I wish I had switched the sentiment stickers on the cards.  I think the little snowflake stickers above the hedgehog would have looked a little better on the opposite card.  But I wasn’t going to use those word stickers on both cards at first.  I was going to use a ribbon on the left card, but none of my snowflake-y ribbons matched the blue of the cards, so I went with the words on both instead.

I used the cardstock with less blue swirls for the hedgehog cards, because the square with the stamp covered more space.  The other two cards I made with a stamp that was a little smaller, so it showed off of the swirl.

I used a set of crystal snowflake strip stickers that I got on clearance after Christmas last year and cut them down to fit on the cards.  It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture, but on the left-hand card the blue gems are in the center of white snowflake stickers.  The blue gem really matched the strip of snowflakes perfectly.  I probably should have used something a little simpler than the sparkly silver snowflakes on the card on the right, but that’s what I had out, so that’s what I used.  🙂  I still think these are quite pretty.

I did put a “Merry Christmas” stamp on the inside of all four of these cards.  Every Christmas card I make says merry Christmas on it somewhere.  And the stamps are just colored in with colored pencils.

Next week I’m going to use up the red and green swirled cardstock, and then I get to move on to something else.  I got a set of stamps in the mail this week that was on clearance from Stampin’ Up that is really pretty and I’m excited to make some cards with it.


Stamps used: “Gift Angel” by Stampendous, hedgehog and snowman and Merry Christmas from Stampin’ Up set “Holiday Hedgehogs”


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