October Challenge: Week 4 FAIL!!

Ok, you guys.  As I’m sure you can tell by the title of this post, my last week of my October challenge didn’t turn out.  I was all ready to make some pretty thank you cards this week, but sadly, no such luck.

My inspiration for the challenge this week came from this blog post from View Along the Way.  Basically, you put flowers on a piece of cardstock, cover it with another piece of scratch paper, smash those flowers all up with a hammer and smear the color around on the cardstock.  Simple, right?  I bought some pretty fall-colored flowers that I thought would work well, since it isn’t really the season anymore for just going and picking some.

Just as an aside, I got the flowers from Wal-mart, the cheapest bouquet style they had, and when I got them out of the wrapping I found that the stems of some of them were all moldy.  Gross!


I laid a bunch of petals all over a piece of 4.25 by 5.5 inch cardstock, covered it up, and hammered away.  I didn’t pound just too hard since I didn’t want to make a huge racket, but the flowers I got didn’t smash very well.  So, after pounding for a while, I rubbed the petals with the hammer through the paper, and then I just started rubbing them hard with my fingers and smearing them around.  And this is what I ended up with:


The red and purple-y flowers smeared into a dark purple and an ugly greenish-brownish color and the yellow and gold flowers looked the same.  And I think it looks so bad!  Plus the cardstock really wrinkled and curled up from the moisture.

So, that was a fail.  Majorly.

And as I attempted this last night, and I didn’t have a backup plan, I have no card to show you this week.  Sorry.  Maybe other flowers work better for this, but I’m not going to invest more cash into trying again.

So that wraps up my October challenge.  Three wins and a fail and a half.  Not too bad I guess.  🙂  Next week I shall start Christmas cards.  That’ll be fun.  I’m so ready for hot cocoa, Christmas carols, and lights and decorations strung up everywhere.  Hopefully some of that, in public anyway, will wait until after Thanksgiving.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t get in the spirit on my own.


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