Card #88 – October Challenge: Bubble Wrap Painting

I really shouldn’t listen to music while I’m trying to blog.  The velvety voices of Anthem Lights crooning hymn mash-ups is very distracting.

Excuse me a second…

Ok, I switched over to music that is easier to ignore.

This is my second week of decorating cardstock for my cards.  I got the idea for this week from Pinterest.  Basically, it is painting with bubble wrap.  And yes, I managed to go through this whole process without popping any bubbles.  I think I deserve a pat on the back for that.

So to start with, you need to wrap a tube with small bubble wrap.  The original post, here , uses a paper towel roll, but I just used a toilet paper roll.


I used some big glue dots to attach the bubble wrap, but a long strip of double-sided tape would have been easier.  Paint the bubble wrap with whatever color you choose.


I don’t really have any good colors of regular acrylic paint, so I dug out my stash of metallic paints instead.  I used the three on the right.

Slather on the paint somewhat heavily on the bubble wrap, trying to keep it on the bubbles and not in between, and roll it on the cardstock, or whatever surface, you want to decorate.  I did a solid purple and a solid turquoise, then did one of each mixed with the copper.


For the purple and copper, I covered the whole bubble wrap with purple then added the copper.  With the turquoise one, I only painted areas of turquoise then filled in with copper.  I think that turned out better.  Also, I learned on the first one to make sure the seam of the bubble wrap is on the edge of the cardstock right when you start rolling it.  You can see the messy line of paint on the purple one, top left, where the seam wasn’t on the edge.

After they were dry, I trimmed them down so the edges weren’t white, and put them on my cards.


I framed everything in a complimentary brown, added some ribbon and brads, and called it good.  I’m not sure why I thought horses were a good match for this.  I guess I mostly thought they went well with the turquoise and brown theme, so I just stuck with them for everything.

I’m really anxious to try next week’s decorating.  I think it’s going to be so messy, but really fun.  🙂


Stamps used: “Mare and Colt” by Stampabilities, horse head by Northwoods Rubber Stamps, Inc.


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