Card #87: October Challenge – Marbling

Wow, I was not nearly as productive today as I planned to be.  At least I actually cooked some real food for a change, complete with lots of leftovers to last me all next week.  And there’s one more day of the weekend, so hopefully I can get some more things accomplished tomorrow afternoon.

So it’s October now, which means my last monthly challenge before I start making some Christmas cards.  My challenge this month is actually going to be a bit of a process each week.  I’m going to use a different method each week to decorate some white cardstock to use on my cards.  And each method I’ve come up with will take time to dry, so I’m going to be decorating the cardstock on Wednesday nights then making the cards on Friday or Saturday.  So yeah, a bit of a process.  But I think it will be fun.  I sure had fun this Wednesday making a mess in my kitchen.  🙂

This week I used the method that probably everyone has tried when they were a kid: making marble paper with shaving cream and food coloring.  At least, I remember doing it as a kid.  But then again, I was homeschooled, so we got to do all the fun crafty stuff.  🙂


I got a bottle of cheap shaving cream from the dollar store and some liquid food coloring from the grocery store.  If you’ve never tried this, basically you make a layer of shaving cream in your pan, then drip food coloring in it, like so:


Use a knife to swirl the food coloring all around in pretty patterns:


The red and blue food coloring was my first attempt, and I learned a few tricks from that one to make the other two attempts look better.  It helps to smooth out the shaving cream with the knife before you drip the food coloring on it.  And make sure to use the thin edge of the knife and don’t twist it around to use the wide edge.  The thin edge makes the pretty swirls and the wide edge just smears the color in thick swatches.  Make sure to get all the way to the edges of the pan, too, or the edges of your cardstock won’t get any color.

Lay your white cardstock on the top and squish it down onto the shaving cream.  I think it worked best to start on one edge and squish it down across; that seemed to get the best coverage.  Peel your cardstock out of the shaving cream and put it on a flat surface.  I would recommend using an actual squeegee to wipe the shaving cream off.  I don’t have one, so I used the flat edge of a piece of thin cardboard and that took several passes to get all the shaving cream off.  I think a real squeegee would work much better.  Then just set your cardstock aside to dry.

I only managed to get three different sets of colors out of my can of shaving cream, and the last one was rather thin and watery.  I dipped two pieces of cardstock in each color.  After I ran out of shaving cream, I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t try any with a light-colored cardstock.  I think that would have been interesting to try and see how the colors looked on something other than white.

The top piece in each picture is the first and the bottom is the second, and they are in order of how I did them.  With the red and blue, on the second attempt I didn’t really do anything to the shaving cream after the first piece, I just shoved the second piece of cardstock in it and I don’t like the way it turned out.  For the red and green, I used the knife to kind of swirl things around again and make them look better before I did the second dip, and that one looks much better than the second red and blue.  I also used more food coloring at the beginning, and it gave a fuller color.  For the piece that was just blue, on my first dip I didn’t have very much food coloring because I was going for a lot less swirl effect.  On the second dip, I added more food coloring and swirled it again before putting the cardstock in it.

I only used the red and blue cardstock this week.  I am going to save the red and green and the blue to make Christmas cards.

I didn’t use the second attempt of red and blue cardstock and ended up just throwing it away because I really didn’t like it.  I was very pleased to find red and blue cardstock and markers in my stash that matched the food coloring perfectly.  I added the star brads for a bit of extra decor and put a white piece on the inside to write on.  Pretty simple design, but it shows off the fun marbled cardstock nicely.  I’m guessing all the card designs this month will be simpler and made to show off the work put into the decorative cardstock.


Stamp used: “Uncle Sam Hat” by Stampabilities


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