Card #85: September Challenge – Birthday Candles

Now, before you get on my case for this post being a day late, let me explain my very good reason.  Today is my mom’s birthday (happy birthday, Mom!), and the cards I made this week were birthday cards, one of which I planned on giving to my mom.  So I didn’t want this post to go up until after I had given her her present and card.  So there, a very good reason for being late. 🙂

I tell you what, though, this week was a struggle.  I hadn’t originally planned on making birthday cards.  I was going to use a set of letter stamps from Stampin’ Up that I’ve never used before, but the letters were made of animals, and I just couldn’t get them to line up right, and I was struggling with making them look right.  I eventually gave up and put those stamps aside, actually adding that set to my pile to get rid of because I’m just not a fan and not sure how I’d ever use them.  But I had already glued some grassy paper to the base cards, so I struggled for a while to try to find some stamps that I had never used that could go with those cards.  No such luck.

So I completely switched gears and decided to accomplish two card needs in one by making birthday cards instead.  I’ll use those already-started cards eventually.

So these were the stamps I used this week instead:


I wanted to use all sorts of different colors to match the paper I found, so I used all cardstock from my scrap pile to make four cards.


I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to use both stamps.  I had originally thought to use a really light-colored ink for the background words.  But then I saw my VersaMark stamp pads and thought I’d give those a try.  Those stamp pads make kind of a watermark image on the cardstock, making the image a darker color of the cardstock you are stamping on.  Since I didn’t know how well they would work on the light cream cardstock I was using, I did a test sample with both.  I stamped the background with the regular VersaMark pad and with my dazzle version, which also adds a shimmer to the image.  Neither one showed up very well, but I put the balloon stamp over the top anyway, just to see, and I was so surprised at the cool effect it created.


The VersaMark ink sort of repelled the top ink, so you can still see the words in the middle of the balloons.  I chose to use the dazzle pad because the words showed up a little better on the cream cardstock.  The balloon squares are attached with adhesive foam for dimension.

One more week in the “never-used stamps” challenge.  I am definitely going to use the stamps I have set aside for next week – no switching gears halfway.  I’m just not quite sure how to lay them out yet.  Guess you’ll have to check back on Saturday to find out what I do!


Stamps used: “Two-Step Stampin’ Mini Messages” from Stampin’ Up, “Happy Birthday” by Great Impressions


One thought on “Card #85: September Challenge – Birthday Candles

  1. Deb Pommier September 25, 2016 / 11:12 pm

    Thank you for the special card and all the effort to make it!


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