Card #85: September Challenge- Choo Choo!

I was originally planning on staying home tonight and just chillin’.  Probably watch some Netflix, eat some dry cereal for supper (if even that), and generally be lazy.  Now I’ve got to get myself ready to go to a political dinner at the invite of one of my former state Congressmen (he’s still a Congressman, I’m just not in his district anymore).  Not sure how I get myself talked into these things.  Especially after having gone to a baby shower this afternoon where I also hardly knew anyone.  You know how introverts kind of need to recharge after being around people and psych themselves up for actually being out at functions?  Yeah, I’m kinda like that.  So I’m trying to distract myself from the fact that I have to leave again in an hour by writing this week’s post.

Come on, girl, get on track.  September challenge.  Never-uesd stamps.  Remember?

Right, ok, here we go…

This week I made a card with a set of stamps that I picked up at a garage sale quite a while back.  Not sure why I’ve never used them.  My grandpa has always really liked trains and used to have a big train set up in his basement.  So I grabbed this set with the anticipation of making some cards to send to him.  I haven’t yet, but I think he’ll probably get one of the ones I made this week.  I kept the colors very “boy” themed so I could send him one.


I thought the plaid paper looked cool with the stamps.  Not sure why, but I do like it.  I stamped the images on the cardstock and colored them with markers.  I stamped the letters on the gray and just free-hand cut out the smoke puffs.  I cut out the skinnier one first and wasn’t too crazy about it so I cut the second poofier.  I think that one looks better.

Wow, I just looked at the stamps, and they are just over 20 years old!  At least the copyright on them is that old.  Crazy!  These things are definitely made to last.  Then again, when I looked at them before I started using them, it looked like only one of the stamps had been used by their former owner.  But still, take care of them and rubber stamps will last a really long time!

I suppose I should sign off and get myself ready to go.  I hope you’re having a great weekend!  Come back next week for another post of never-used stamps!


Stamps used: “Mini Trains” set by Stampin’ Up and “Dot-Letter Alphabet” by Hero Arts


One thought on “Card #85: September Challenge- Choo Choo!

  1. Deb Pommier September 17, 2016 / 9:04 pm

    these are really nice!


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