My “Recent” Craft Projects, Part 2

Happy Labor Day!  The long weekend seemed like a good chance to get this second part of my sort-of-recent craft projects posted.  So let’s dive right in.

We’ll start off with a couple of papercrafting projects I did.


I bought these little ACEO’s prints from an Etsy store that is sadly no longer in business.  I wanted a cute way to display them but I didn’t want to damage them with double-sided tape or anything.  So I glued down the red cardstock on the snowflake paper then used clear photo corners to hold the prints in place.  The words are a sticker, and I mounted the whole thing in a floating glass-style frame from Hobby Lobby.  I can’t wait to set it up somewhere this Christmas!

More recently, I made this paper cut project from Cricut.


I really wanted to make it before our trial subscription of Access expired, and I think I got it done the day it was going to expire.  🙂  I found a frame at Hobby Lobby that isn’t technically a shadowbox frame, but I used it as one anyway.  The frame is about 6×6, and the smallest shadowbox frame it would have fit in was 8×8, which I didn’t want to use.  The mermaid is pressed against the glass, but is still 3D, so it works.  The shells and starfish were harvested from a sticker set, since I didn’t want to use all the swirly bits that they were attached to.

This next project could probably have qualified for “steampunk”, but not exactly, so I’m putting it in this post instead.


I made these “mercury glass” vases after getting inspired browsing Pinterest.  I actually bought the two vases over a year ago at a thrift store and only a few weeks ago finally got them done.  Pathetic.  I more-or-less combined this and this tutorial that I found on Pinterest.  I sprayed the mirror spray paint and let it dry just a bit before following each coat of the mirror paint with the vinegar/water solution.  Sometimes that ate through the paint enough to leave marks, but on the last couple coats I rubbed the insides with paper towels to get more distressing.  For the little votives, I sprayed them inside with a matte black spray paint for the last coat.  For the two larger pieces, I sprayed the black onto a paper towel and blotted it on the insides to make the distressing more obvious.  I’m not sure they look exactly like actual mercury glass, but they still look pretty cool.  Now I just need to find a home for them.  When I was making them, I thought the tallest one was not going to look good at all, but that one turned out to be my favorite of the whole bunch.  Go figure.


This next project is one that I am really proud of.  After moving into my apartment, I realized I needed a little end table by my sofa.  Several years ago Jen of Epbot created this penny desk that I thought was so cool, and I always wanted to make a coffee table following her tutorial.  Well, a coffee table wouldn’t fit in my apartment, but I decided to make my end table with pennies instead.


My dad and I (but mostly my dad) built the table to the dimensions I needed for fitting in the spot next to my sofa.  I painted the table black, then got to work gluing pennies on the top.  I bought most of the pennies from my mom, and even got a few unique pennies, like a couple wheat pennies, to put on the table.

I started by arranging all the pennies, mixing colors and heads vs. tails all over the table.  Fortunately (and completely by accident), the dimensions for the top let the pennies fit practically perfect across in both directions.  I did cut pennies in half for the ends of every other row to fill in the top all the way.  It was a very tedious process super-gluing every. single. penny.  But I finally got them all glued, then used a two-part resin to seal it all in and give it a nice, glass-like finish.


I had hoped to only do one coat of resin, so I filled the whole top, and it looked great before it cured.  But after sitting for 24 hours or so, you can see in this picture all the little pock marks that appeared between all the pennies.  Grr.  Fortunately I had enough resin left to do one more very thin coat on top to make the surface smooth.  If I would do this again, I would do two thinner coats instead of one thick and one thin, as with the thick coat it was very hard to get all the bubbles out.  I would also get a culinary blow torch to help remove bubbles.

In the picture on the left, with doing the second coat, you can see how the resin did spill out a little from the edge of the table in a couple spots.  Hence another reason to do two thinner coats of resin.


But here is the shiny table in all its coppery glory.  I can live with a couple imperfections, and am so happy with how it came out.

And last, but certainly not least, I have one picture of a project that has been years in the making.  And sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, but that’s all I had with me at the time I finished it a couple weeks ago.


I got the fabric for this quilt 10+ years ago, and started the quilt somewhere like 3 or 4 years ago or so.  And IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!!!  I’d made one twin-sized quilt before this, but it was just a crazy, block quilt, so this is the first one I’ve done that actually had a pattern.  I love this fabric, and I love how it turned out, and I’m just so glad it’s finally finished.  I’m not a real big fan of sewing, either, so having it done and not hanging over me anymore is so wonderful.  Of course, now it’s just going to sit in my cedar chest for who knows how long, but hey, at least it’s out of my mom’s sewing room!

And that concludes my craft project round-up posts.  I’ll try to be better at posting projects I get done more frequently so the posts aren’t crazy long like this.  But it does feel good to finally get this up and done.  Kind of like finishing a craft project…


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