Card #83: Life Events Theme – Sympathy

Wow, I know this is getting posted really late, but after I finished making my cards early this afternoon, I started another project and didn’t finish until late.  So now I’m yawning and typing at the same time.

I know after the wedding theme last week I should have followed that with an anniversary card.  But since that’s what I started August’s theme with, I’m skipping that and going straight into sympathy.  And yes, technically it is September now, but I wanted to finish out August’s theme first.  And honestly I could have done several other “event” type cards, but we’re going to move on to something else next week.

I thought I had a rubber stamp that said “With Deepest Sympathy”, but as I was digging through my supplies last night to decide what to do, I couldn’t find one.  So I started rummaging through my vellum packs to see if I could find something appropriate for a sympathy card.  I ended up finding two that I really liked and couldn’t decide between them, so I made two cards this week.

This was the first card I made.  I used some special fiber paper that I got on vacation this summer.  It was surprisingly a lot harder to tear than I thought it would be, but it also didn’t want to slice nicely on my rotary paper slicer.  Getting it glued down was also an adventure.  Note to self: NEVER use a tape gun with it!  I ruined the almost-full refill I had in my gun and had to throw it away.  Grr.  I also wish I had glued the words down a little higher so the flowers weren’t quite so crowded towards the bottom and also not almost covering the words like they are.

Both cards have the same stamp on the inside.  And on this one, I wish I had rounded the corners a little better on part of the gold scallops.  Guess it was just one of those days where things weren’t going to go quite as nicely as I would normally like.

I kept both designs very simple, since I figured in the event of needing to send a sympathy card, the encouragement of the words should overshadow the fanciness of the card itself.

Phew!  Getting this post up just in time.  I’m seriously having difficulty typing correctly tonight, so I should meander off to bed now.  I hope you have a great rest of your holiday weekend!


stamp used: “Prayers and Thoughts” by Hero Arts


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