My “Recent” Steampunk Projects

So when I started this blog over a year and a half ago (gosh, has it really been that long already?!), I never intended for it to be solely cards every week.  I had goals of posting craft projects and tutorials as well as sometimes just random thoughts.  Obviously those goals kind of haven’t happened quite as well as I’d hoped.  I’ve been meaning to write a post of the craft projects I’ve completed for a couple months already, but I didn’t have the pictures taken yet, and I kept making more things, and I just kept putting it off and putting it off.  Well, no more, I say!

I was going to put all my projects in one post, but that would be rather long as there are a lot of them, so I’m going to do two craft posts.  And yes, I will actually write them both, I promise!  I’ll keep this first post steampunk-themed, and the rest of the projects will go in the next post.

So without further ado, here are the steampunk projects I’ve done for the past eight months or so.

I’m in the process of re-doing my bedroom in a steampunk theme.  It’s still a major work-in-progress as I haven’t gotten as much done in there as I’d like, but slowly a few pieces are coming or have come together.

I usually work on a craft project during the Super Bowl, the one sports game I watch per year.  And I don’t actually watch the game, I work on said project while the game is on and I watch the commercials.  Last year I worked on my Astrid cosplay; this year I worked on this painting.  I basecoated the canvas in a tan color that I didn’t realize until after the fact is almost exactly the same color as my walls.  Oh well.  I lightly and not very carefully painted a few gears on the background, then hand-traced the letters and filigree that I had previously cut out with the Cricut.  I then painted the traced parts, which all required two coats to cover opaquely.  But I love how it turned out.


I saw the quote on a print in an etsy store and wanted to make my own version that matched the color scheme I’m hoping to mostly go with.  And no, I didn’t get all that done during the game!  It took several evenings to get it all done.

Next, although I actually think I made this first (it’s been so long I can’t even remember, how pathetic is that?), I made this wreath.


It’s actually hanging in my hallway, though, and not in my bedroom as it is rather large and doesn’t fit so well.  I got the plain wreath from Hobby Lobby on clearance after Christmas two years ago and the empty wreath hung in my hall for a year as I slowly added to my stash of fun things to stick in it.  Everything is attached by either hot glue or wire.

It was really fun creating or modifying little things to add to the wreath, like the hats, the little ray gun, the sparkly bottles, and the goggles.  I actually made the goggles out of two Coke bottle lids and some fun foam.  I was going to hang my actual goggles from my steampunk cosplay on it, but since they are full-sized, they looked way out of place next to all the miniature items.  So I had to make smaller ones.

Lastly, I actually created this just a couple weekends ago.  I wanted a way to display the steampunk pistol that I modified instead of just keeping it tucked away in a box until the next time I have the opportunity to wear my costume.  My favorite blogger, Jen of and, had created a stand for one of her steampunk pistols a while back and I thought it would be perfect.  So I mostly followed her tutorial to create my own.

I had to make the extra part for the handle of the gun since mine won’t stand up by itself.  It’s a modified water pistol and has a plastic seam down the middle of the handle, making it tip over.  When I get it up on my shelf, I’m going to hold down the back piece of the stand with a bit of sticky tack so it doesn’t move, and then the gun will stand up nicely.

And I think that’s enough for now.  I’ll try to get the rest of the projects up in the next week or so.  Now that I have the pictures I need, it’s just a matter of making my butt sit in my chair and writing the post.  🙂


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