Card #82: Life Events Theme – Wedding

Happy Saturday!  It’s one of those days where I have a lot of things I should be doing, but it’s so much easier to just sit around and browse facebook and play games on my phone than actually do anything productive.  But maybe after I get this post written and go eat something, I’ll feel a bit more ambitious.  I’ve got a couple fun projects sitting on my craft desk that I should try to get done today, as well as some not-as-fun paperwork and such that would be doable after the sun goes down.  Since it’s always more fun crafting when the sun is shining and the windows are open.

So in progression of life events, after you have several birthdays under your belt (last week’s cards), you get to the point where you probably get married.  Well, at least that’s the normal progression.  For SOME of us, that seems to be taking a little longer than anticipated when you think about it as a kid.

*shifty eyes*


So this week I made a wedding card.  It’s pretty simple, but it uses a really pretty rose paper that I’ve had sitting around for a good long while.

I framed the rose paper in blue to sort of match the stickers that I added.  Those were from a set of “me & my Big ideas soft spoken embellishments.”  It maybe wasn’t the best blue to use, but it was a scrap piece, and when using scraps you kinda have to take what you can get.  It compliments nicely I think, at least in person.  The color on my computer screen isn’t quite as good as in real life.

But my tummy is about to start growling at me, so I think I should go make it happy.  I know next week is only half-August and half-September, but I am going to continue this theme for one more week.  I might try to combine it with next month’s theme/challenge, as like a transition card, but I’m not quire sure I’m able to do that, so you’ll just have to come back and find out.  🙂


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