Card #78: Bling Butterflies

July is almost over.  Where is summer going?  I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and they already have almost their entire seasonal section full of Christmas!  AUGH!!  And yes, I’m one of those people who likes to be annoying and on July 25 remind people that it is only six months til Christmas, but still.  This is a little overboard, imo!

Anyway, this being the last week of July also means it’s the last week of sets of cards.  That’s not to say, of course, that I can’t or won’t make sets as I complete other monthly themes, but now I won’t have to if I don’t want to.

On a completely random note for a second, you know how sometimes I get on here and I’m distracted by the squirrels in the yard outside my window?  Well, today it’s crows.  I threw some bread crusts out in the feeder tray a bit ago, and there’s a crow out there who is  stepping on all the pieces to find which one is the softest, so he can eat that one.  Apparently he’s a bit finicky.  Now he’s strutting off with his choice to munch it while his buddy flew down to investigate.  Apparently his friend didn’t find anything to his liking, because he went to try to see/steal what the first one had.

Sorry about that randomness.  The crows are really interesting to watch, because sometimes they’ll take the crusts and soak them in the bird bath before they eat them.  So I was curios to see if this one would do that, or if he’d be satisfied with the softness of the one crust he found.


Cards, right.

This week’s cards are actually inspired by Sharpay Evans from the High School Musical movies.  I was playing “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” while I started working on these cards, and in the special features, Ashley Tisdale (who plays Sharpay) talked about the inspiration for Sharpay’s wardrobe and how every single outfit was bedazzled with rhinestones.  I picked up this set of pink butterfly cards at a garage sale for a dollar this summer, thinking they would be cute to do something with.  The pink just screamed “SHARPAY!” so I grabbed them and my folder of rhinestone stickers and just started playing.IMG_4609

I discovered a tweezers tool that I didn’t even realize I had and that worked perfectly for setting the rhinestone stickers.


Every butterfly is different, and it was fun just placing stickers on the cards and not thinking too hard.  I’m very type-A, so making these with each side a mirror image of each other was very satisfying.  They may not be the most inspiring or creative cards I’ve done, but I enjoyed them anyway.  I wish I had a “Keep Sparkling” stamp I could have put on the inside of each, but I don’t.

On two of the cards I added some colored cardstock to the design.  I also outlined all the bodies of the butterflies with metallic pens.  I’m not sure if that helped or hurt the designs, but that was one thing that once it was done, there was no undoing.

And that’s a wrap for the card sets challenge.  Check back in next week for my August challenge/theme!


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