Card #77: Just a Note with Butterflies

Now before anyone gets on my case and says that the cards this week are basically the same design as last week, let me just say in my defense that while I was feeling rather uninspired last night, I did use up an entire set of embellishments making these cards.  And that’s the whole point of this project anyway, to use stuff up.  So, yeah, don’t judge.  😛


Plus it is a nice design, very versatile for any occasion.

I had ten of the small yellow envelopes, but I only had enough embellishments to do five cards.  I used an embossed green cardstock for the background, which added some cool dimension.  I picked up a set of that cardstock at a rummage sale this spring, along with a couple other sets of textured cardstock.  It just adds something a little more interesting than a basic solid cardstock.


The stickers I used were a set from Life’s Little Occasions that I picked up on clearance at Joanns for 97 cents.  And getting 5 cards out of one set is pretty dang good.  I even had 4 little flat stickers left after doing the cards, so I put those on 4 of the 5 envelopes in the corner.

That’s it for this week!  I need to run to Walmart before I head out to my parents’ this afternoon, so I gotta scoot.  Have a great weekend!


Stamp used: “Just a Note” copyright by PSX in Petaluma, CA


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