Card #76: Vellum Inspiration

I’m back!

Didja miss me?

It was a nice break, but I’m glad to be back.  Vacation Bible School went really well and I think the kids had a lot of fun.  It is nice to not have supplies for that scattered all over my living room anymore, though.  I was kind of in charge of one of the craft projects and donated quite a bit of my papercrafting stickers and cardstock to it in the hopes of using more of it up than I have been able to myself with this blog.  But with the extra paper and cardstock that I purchased specifically for the project, I think I probably ended up bringing more items home than I donated from my own stash.  That didn’t quite work out like I intended!  And I think only one of my embellishment sheets got entirely used up.  Might have to do that project again with another group sometime.

And last week, my parents and I took a week-long vacation and went to the ribbon cutting and opening of the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  That was so cool!  Everyone should go see it as pictures cannot do it justice!  We had a great time, and also went up to Indiana to spend a couple days in Amish country, which was really neat as well.


But now I’m home and trying to get back into a regular routine again.  It has been so nice to get to stay home today!  This is the first day in well over a month that I haven’t had to go anywhere and got to just be at home.  Granted, I spent my entire morning and early afternoon cleaning as that had been sorely neglected while I was prepping for VBS, but it was still nice to not go anywhere.  I’ve got a couple more things to accomplish tonight, then I think I’m going to just relax for a while and enjoy my nicely-cleaned apartment.

Here I go rambling when you’re really here for the cards!  As I said I would do in my last post, I am continuing June’s challenge into this month to finish it out, so I made three coordinating cards this week.  The cardstock and envelopes I used were not in my original selection, but they were giving to me by a gal at the Alpha Center as they were leftovers from one of the Meet the Babies invitations that I had designed.


The envelopes and base cards came in a pack that I had used for the invitations and there were a few left.  Alpha is currently in the process of selling their building and moving into a larger, better-suited facility, which is so exciting!  And they came across the card leftovers as they were packing, so I got to bring them home.  🙂

The vellum sayings were from an old set of Joann Scrap Essentials and the epoxy stickers are from a set by K&Company.  I only glued the vellum down on the top so the bottom can hang freely.  I also decided to round the edges of all the corners because it looks softer and went better with the oval stickers than harsh pointed corners.  I couldn’t do the top corners of the actual card because it was too thick to fit into my corner punch.  But I think they turned out very pretty anyway.

And that’s a wrap for this week!  Thanks for visiting my blog and come back again! ♥



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