Card #75: All God’s Children

It has been unseasonably hot for the past three days or so in South Dakota where I live.

frodo is hot

And it’s amazing how being hot just zaps all your energy!  I spent the majority of my day at church working on decorations for vacation Bible school, and after I ran a couple errands in the heat afterwards, I came home and just collapsed on the couch for a while, soaking up the blessed air conditioning.  I messed with my phone for a bit, then just laid there with my eyes shut, willing myself to fall asleep.  Alas, sleep eluded me, and I forced myself to get up before the sun went down and I wasn’t able to take decent pictures of my cards this week.

And now, after having eaten some supper and digging into one of the half-pound peppermint patties I got on clearance after Easter (what? don’t judge me!), I have some energy again to get this week’s card up.

So this week’s envelope is kinda fun, small but fun.


They aren’t quite tall enough to just use half of an 8.5 by 11 sheet of cardstock, so I had to cut the cardstock to 4 inches instead of 4.25.  I had nine of these envelopes, but only ended up making cards for seven.


The card layout is very simple this week.  It’s just a white base card with a 2 by 3 inch rectangle of colored cardstock cut in half diagonally and glued onto the corners.  It’s slightly reminiscent one of the layouts I did a couple months ago when I was using cardstock from that mat stack.  Each image in the middle of the cards is different, and each has something in the image that is colored to match the colored triangles on the corners.


I used a different color for each card so the set it coordinating, but not matching exactly.  The stamp set has eight stamps in it, but the last one is Christmas-y, hence only using seven of my nine envelopes.   And again, these are very simple, but cute, and easy and quick to put together.

I can’t decide if now I just want to veg and rest in the wonderful coolness in my apartment, or if I have the ambition to work on another project that I seriously should work on as I want to have it done by the 15th.  It’s so tempting to be lazy, but part of my brain is telling me that I’m more responsible than that.  Ugh, brain, why must you be so convincing?


I guess I’ll go work on that project for a while.


Stamps used: the set All God’s Children by Stampin’ Up


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