Card #73: Bright Circles

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  I hope you have a safe, fun time celebrating and remembering all those who gave their lives to keep America free!

It’s hard to believe that May is almost over already.  While my challenge for the month helped a teeny bit, I really don’t think much of a dent was made in my scrap piles of cardstock at all.  Hopefully next month’s challenge will do a little bit better job of that.

I’m not really sure where the inspiration for this last card of the month came from. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Angry Birds Pop on my phone lately.


I pulled out the letter stickers from my collection and then just dug through my scrap stash and pulled out a few different colors that either matched somewhat or complimented.  Or they just looked really good against the black background.  I used four different-sized circle punches and cut out a few of each color, then just arranged them on the card in what seemed to be a pleasing manner, making sure everything was connected.  All the circles are just glued down with white glue.

So that wraps up my May challenge of using all scraps.  Stay tuned for next month’s challenge!


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