Card #72: Sunshine and Flowers

You know how sometimes you need to do something, but you have so many other things that you need to do as well that it’s hard to focus on the thing you are working on?  Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling right now trying to write this post about my cards this week.

This post will actually be going up on my grandma’s birthday (happy birthday, Grandma!), and since it’s a special one, I decided to put a gift basket together for her.  Grandpa confirmed for me that her favorite color is yellow, so I found all sorts of fun yellow things to put in her basket.  And since she likes the cards I make for the blog, I wanted to put a pack of a few cards in the basket, too.  I went through my stash, hoping I could just pull out a few yellow-colored cards and wouldn’t have to make any, but I only found two, so I decided to make a couple more.  I ended up actually making three more and not using one of the two originals.  But the third wasn’t made completely from my scrap stash, so it doesn’t qualify for the challenge this month.


All the cards have flowers on them, which is why I eliminated the one from the back as it didn’t.

The top card is made with washi tape stripes and 3-D flower stickers.  The “enjoy” is from a set of brads.  The bottom card is stripes of purple cardstock.  The third stripe maybe doesn’t fit the general shade of purple quite perfectly, but when you’re working with scraps, you take what you can find.  I think it still works.  Both of these designs are based loosely off designs I found on Pinterest.

Each card in the set of four is a different color paired with the same yellow, so I think they made quite a nice set.  I hope Grandma likes them.  🙂

And now, off to do more on that ol’ to-do list.


Stamp used: “Sending Love” from the set Handwritten Notes by Hero Arts Rubber Stamps


One thought on “Card #72: Sunshine and Flowers

  1. Deb Pommier May 24, 2016 / 11:26 am

    very pretty!


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