Card #71: Sparkly Mother’s Day

I know this card is technically a week late, but I was out of town at a Comic Con on Mother’s Day (I know, terrible daughter, *hangs head in shame*).  So I  treated my mom to dinner and a play this week instead of actually celebrating on Sunday.  I think that made up for me not being home on the actual holiday.

My mom gets all the emails from Cricut and forwards the ones she thinks I would be interested in, and a couple weeks ago they sent one talking about all the free Mother’s Day cards they had available, so I saved the email with the intent of making one of those for my mom.  Well, I finally went onto the website to design the card, and discovered that those designs were no longer free.  Humph.  So I browsed what was free this week instead, and ended up using one of those designs for the card.


The background sunburst was the design from Cricut that I used.  It actually had a border around it, but I wanted the rays to go off the edge, so I cut the design a little bigger than the actual card so I could trim around and cut the border off.  And since mom’s favorite color is green, I knew I had to use some green in the design.

After gluing the sunburst and the letters down, though, it seemed kind of boring, like it was missing something.  So, since this was a starburst after all, I decided it needed some sparkle.  I put the green down first, then the pink.  And as you can tell in the both pictures, the glitter is definitely sticking where it isn’t glued down.


I should have used my little anti-static bag on the cardstock before putting the glue down, but I kind of forgot.  :/

And yes, everything for this card came from my scrap bin.  The card is actually even bigger than the 4.25 by 5.5 size that I anticipated making all the cards this month because I had a bigger piece left over from a 12 by 12 piece of cardstock for the base.  I wanted the sunburst to be better proportioned than it would have been for the smaller card, so I was delighted to find a larger piece of scrap for the base card.  I had actually planned on making two cards this week if the card for Mom didn’t work with making it from scraps, but I only had to do one!


One thought on “Card #71: Sparkly Mother’s Day

  1. Deb Pommier May 13, 2016 / 11:16 am

    Thank you for the beautiful card outside and the note inside.


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