Card #66: Brown and Pink Geometric

Happy Saturday!

I had really good intentions today of getting up earlier than usual for a Saturday and accomplishing a lot of things.  I’m not sure if I just didn’t hear my alarm go off or if I turned it off in my delirium and went back to sleep, but let’s just say, I had breakfast at about 1 o’clock today.  That was after showering and playing with some new makeup, so it’s not QUITE as bad as it sounds, but I’m not sure how much I’ll get done today.

But at least I’m getting my card posted for the week.


I really like how this card turned out.  And this design was all my own creation, not inspired by anything online, so bonus points for that!

The color of the ribbon looks a bit darker and more intense on the computer than it does in real life.  It really does match better in person than it appears to on the screen!  I ran into Hancock Fabrics this week, as they are going out of business and liquidating their merchandise, so everything is at least 20% off.  And they had a cart-full of ribbon that was clearanced at 1 or 2 dollars each, plus the 20% off.  Tomorrow after church some ladies are getting together to make little taggie blankets for the Alpha Center, so I picked up a few more spools of fun ribbon to add to the collection for the blankets.  I wanted to use this one first before donating the rest, though, since I thought it would match this color scheme from the mat stack I’m using.  I admit it: I have a problem when it comes to ribbon.  I don’t know why, but even though I don’t use it that much, I love buying it!  Christmas time is especially hard, when all the cute ribbon is filling the stores and calling to me!  They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, so there it is, out in the open for the world to know.

It was a little difficult getting the cardstock where I wanted it on the card this week.  I only had one piece of the flower print left, so I had to cut that smaller to use twice.  The striped print I just used one full piece for either side.  I played around for a while deciding where I wanted the patterned cardstock to be.  I adhered down the full-sized rectangle to the base card, then flipped it over and trimmed off the excess along the edge of the base card so it was all nice and straight.  Then I adhered the ribbon down, then the rectangles of the flower print which I again trimmed after they were glued down.  The final step was deciding what to put in the middle.  After sorting through my embellishments and coming up empty, I decided on the simple sentiment stamp.

Well, it’s only four months into 2016 and I’m already behind on one of my creative goals for the year, so I should go get some cleaning done, then work on some other projects.  I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.  And just fyi, tomorrow on April 10th it is National Sibling Day, so if you have any, give your siblings an extra hug. 🙂


Stamps used: “Just a Note” by Stampendous


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