Card #65: Sparkle Flowers

Can you believe that it’s already April?  It’s hard to believe that three months of 2016 are already over!  But beings as it’s a new month, it’s time for a new creative challenge.  I was inspired for this challenge by Kristie of The Best Things in Life Are Pink.  I found some examples of her cards on Pinterest, in particular the sets of cards she makes using 6×6 paper packs.  The cards are pretty simple designs (which is great!) and they coordinate beautifully.

So my challenge for myself this month is that each card I make has to incorporate cardstock from this mat stack:


I had a couple different stacks that I could have picked from for this challenge, but this one had such happy, springy colors that I decided to use this one.  Also, as should be obvious by the title, all the sheets have lovely, sparkly glitter on them, which makes me happy.

The card I made this week is loosely based on one of Kristie’s cards, with my own little added touches.

I had a hard time picking which pieces from the mat stack to use for my first card, and had four of them picked, but I had to narrow it down for the layout.  I also found the sparkly green flower in a set of embellishments from K&Company, and the color and shape of the flower matched perfectly!  I mean, you couldn’t have found a better match if you tried; it’s like they were made for each other.

There are about four different sets of color themes in the mat stack I’m using this month, so I should be making a different colored card every week except one.  Not sure what I’ll do that last week yet.

And as a bonus, here’s another card I made today using the Cricut machine one more time before our membership expires:


Happy weekend!


Stamps used: Joy stamp from Stampin’ Up set “Small Script”


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