Card #63: Cricut Flowers

I was reminded today of why I usually don’t go out and do things on Saturdays.  Too many people and cars and lights and lines…  Please just let me either stay home on Saturdays or go out to my parents’, ‘cuz I just can’t deal with it!  Bleah!



So I spent a good hour last night or so browsing through projects and cards and such on Cricut’s website, trying to find something to make for the blog this week.  There are so many options of things to do, but if you only have the cutter and a blade and not all of the other accessories (pens, scoring blade, etc), that does limit your options.  Like, when looking at cards, they actually cut the base card out and score it down the middle for folding.  Who knew?  I ended up picking a design created by someone named Anna Rose, but I removed the card itself and just cut out the decorations to apply to my own card.

Again, like last week, it was just cutting out something and gluing it to the card, but since the designs go together and kind of lay on each other, it blends better than the card I made last week.  The leaves were supposed to be scored by the machine, but I ended up scoring them by hand with my bone folder so they would have a bit of dimension, and I used glue and mounting foam to attach everything.  The foam gives a nice 3D effect with the different layers of the flowers.

I found some other cards that are appealing to me to try for next week, but I may have to go pick up a scoring attachment from the store this week before I attempt them.  I also found a really cool 3D papercut art project that I am going to try before our free trial subscription to Access runs out.  It will go perfectly in my little extra half-bath with the other decor I have in there.  🙂  If it turns out, I’ll share it with you guys.  If it’s an utter failure, well, you’ll never see it!  Mwa-hahahaha!

Until next week!


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