Card #62: Butterflies

So last week’s card was a breeze compared to this week’s!  I was working on it last night and just about gave up and was going to finish it today.  But when I start something like this that is frustrating me, I just can’t let it beat me, so I trudged through and came up with this:


I knew I wanted to do something with butterflies, with spring coming and all.  (and btw, I am looking at a robin drinking from the bird fountain in the yard right now!!)  So I started browsing through butterfly designs on Cricut’s website.  There were three of them on the first page that looked so pretty, so I chose those to cut out for my card.  Well, that didn’t turn out so well:


The two on the left were the first ones I tried first.  And as you can see, the cutter ripped the cardstock when it was cutting out the details.  Maybe it’s just because the size I needed the butterflies to be was relatively small and these would work better if the cuts were bigger?  So I thought I’d try some butterflies that weren’t quite so detailed.  The bottom two butterflies are the same cardstock (just different sides which is why one is lighter).  And again, that one ripped.  That was a kind of thin cardstock, though, so I tried the same design again with a thicker cardstock, and as you can see on the top right, that one also ripped.  Around this time in the process is when I thought about throwing in the towel, but I gave it one more go.  And the Cricut still didn’t cut the butterfly perfectly, but I was able to salvage it and use a scissors to cut off a couple bits that didn’t get sliced all the way and where the cardstock kind of bunched up under the blade.

I glued the colored butterflies and words to the black backgrounds, but then when I put them on the purple card, it just looked kind of boring.  So I trimmed the purple down a little to add the black border, which frames the whole thing nicely.

I’m thinking, though, there’s got to be more to a Cricut than just cutting out shapes and gluing them onto cardstock.  So I think next week I’m going to browse through their actual project pages and see if I can find something more interesting to try.

Ugh, my fingers are just not wanting to type accurately today, so I think I’m going to sign off and go chop pennies in half.  I’ll explain that in a future post.  😉


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