Card #61: He Is Risen!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, I’ve got chicken in the crock-pot, and a list of things to do.

I wasn’t intended on making a little rhyme to start my post this week, but it just kind of came out as I was typing and staring out the window at the squirrels chasing each other.  On a related note, I’m so glad I can type without having to look at the keyboard.  🙂

I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas for making this blog a little more interesting, for myself as well as for the very few people who read it.  After watching some videos on Youtube and brainstorming, I’ve decided to, at least for a few months, give myself kind of monthly creative challenges to drive the cards that I make.  So for the next few months, each will have a theme or challenge that I have to follow in my designs and creations.  I think this will help drive me to use up some more of my stash, which is the whole point of this project anyway.

I was all set with what my first challenge for March was going to be, but then my Mom sent her Cricut back home with me last week.  Since we only have a two-month subscription for access to the Cricut designs, she figured I’d get more use out of it than she will before the access ends, so I get to play with it for a month!  So, my challenge for this month is to use the Cricut every week on my card, unless of course Mom decides she wants/needs it back.  I’ll just push off what was going to be my challenge for this month to April instead.



I used the Cricut and their designs for the cross and the words.  It was a little more detailed than I originally intended to get for the first time I really used the cutter to make something more than a single-layer design, but it turned out pretty cool anyway.  Even though I still didn’t line up everything perfectly, I like how the machine cuts little notches in the layers to show you where the next layer is supposed to lay on top.  Looking at it closer now, I didn’t get the top purple drape perfectly lined up, but it still looks ok.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my first real, detailed attempt at using the Cricut for a card.  Gluing the words down was a bit tedious, as I wasn’t really thinking about all the thin lines and the little dots for the “i’s” and such when I chose that design.

I’m looking forward to browsing the Cricut designs more this month to find fun things to create.  I’m really in the mood for spring right now (it’s supposed to get in the 60’s the next couple days!), so I’m thinking some spring designs are in order!


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