Card #60: Meet the Babies Invitation

Phew, barely making it this week!  I’ve had a busy week and I was out at my folks’ all afternoon, so I’m only now getting around to blogging.

As I’ve shared before, one of the fun things I get to do while volunteering for the Alpha Center is working on crafty stuff.  Once a year for the Life Skills class, we invite all the participants from the previous year to come for an evening of fun and fellowship after they’ve had their babies.  They get to see everyone again that they went to class with and share baby stories, and we get to coo and aww over all the precious babies.

Well, that event is coming up, and I’ve been tasked with creating the invitations again.  I based my design off a baby shower invitation I found on Pinterest.


I erased the event details in the pictures

I had picked up a whole bunch of nice white envelopes really cheap from a bead store that was going out of business (so sad, I miss that store!), and I found a package of pre-cut white cardstock on sale at Hobby Lobby that I thought would fit the envelopes just perfectly.  I wanted to make these invites just single-layer invites instead of a folded card style.  Well, the cardstock ended up being a bit too big for the envelopes, so I had to trim them down anyway.  I used my handy new adhesive dispenser to apply the decorative paper onto the cardstock, as well as the yellow cardstock to the paper.

The little duck was cut out on my mom’s Cricut cutter before I had to give it back to her, and I used Glue Dots to glue the yellow on the back.  The duck is adhered to the card with a piece of mounting foam, and the green chevron washi tape gives a nice little touch and background for the duck.  I only put glue on the top of the white cardstock with the event details so the bottom would be loose to give a little more 3D effect.

I will be honest and admit that I only have one of these cards done so far.  But I wanted to get a sample done to show you guys and to know for sure how I wanted to make them.  Finishing the rest is on my list of things to accomplish tomorrow after church.


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