Card #58: Christian Kids

Ok, I admit it, I failed.  And I know I really can’t blame anyone but myself, but I do sort of have an excuse.

I bought some washi tape.

I know, I know, I wasn’t going to buy any for a while.  But I had to buy some for a project for the Alpha Center, and when I was at Joann’s to see what they had, in addition to the larger rolls, I discovered a whole section of $1 craft items which I didn’t know existed. And there were all sorts of different sets of smaller rolls of washi tapes!  So, I picked up a few of those for myself.  And the tape was also on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week, so when I went there get a few more designs for Alpha, I got a few more rolls for myself there, as well.

So my excuse is, if I hadn’t had to buy some for an “outside project,” so to speak, I wouldn’t have been in the position to buy some for myself either.  Lame excuse, I know, but that’s my only defense so I guess I’m sticking to it?


I used the tape on my cards this week, so it’s not like I was buying them just to collect them.  And I think the cards turned out pretty darn cute.


I just ripped strips of tape and put them in rows on the cards for a nice colorful background.  The more solid colors all match the fish tape really well.  I stamped the images on more of the cream cardstock the actual cards are made out of, then I colored them with similar colors to the tape and glued them onto a green cardstock to give the pictures a bit of framing.  The pictures are adhered to the cards with two layers of mounting foam.

There are eight stamps in the set that I used, but I couldn’t chose just one because they were all so cute, so I had to try a few different designs.

I’ve been working on a few other projects lately and will be spending tomorrow with my dad in his wood shop building something, so I hope to get to share that with you soon.  In the meantime, happy President’s Day next week!


Stamps used: all designs from the Stampin’ Up set “All God’s Children”


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