Card #56: Friends!

I didn’t intend on running around town for three hours today, honest!  Last Stop CD Shop, our local used movie/book/video game store, had their half-price sale today and of course I had to go!  I was looking for about four titles and wound up only getting three of them, plus a bunch of other ones I found along the way.  🙂  But I was looking for something specific for my mom that was supposedly at both of the locations, and it was already gone at the first one by the time I got inside, so I swung over to the east side location to see if they had it.  Sadly, they did not, but as I was already on the east side of town, I wanted to run into their Wal-mart.

Now, as you’re aware, I’m a self-proclaimed geek.  I like a lot of different geek culture things, but I’m not into all of them.  I’m not into actual comic books or anime, among others.  And I’m not a “collector.”  I don’t go for the collectibles that so many people think they have to have.  Now, I admit I do have about 3 Pop Vinyl collection figures, but only because they are specific characters that I really like.  I don’t have this NEED to have a vast collection of figures and statues.  That being said, however, the only reason I wanted to go to Wal-mart was to complete my set of the My Little Pony figures I have.


I got these five at the west side Wal-mart, but couldn’t find Rarity!  These guys are technically supposed to be “blind bag” figures, I think, but they have one little part on the back of the bag that is see-through, so I went through and found all these.  I want a complete collection of the Mane 6, though, and as I already had an excuse to go to the east side of town, I figured, “why not?”  But sadly, they didn’t have Rarity either!  😦  By this time I was on a mission, so I had to try the north side Wal-mart, too.  The first two stores had a big bin of bags of ponies, but the north side only had one little cardboard box with about 8 or so bags in it.  Probably needless to say, they didn’t have the last one I need either.  So my poor collection remains incomplete.

All that to say, I meant to have this post up sooner, but instead spent all morning/early afternoon running around town looking for a plastic pony!

I really like the card I made this week.  It started out as an idea from my design recipe book, but kind of spiraled into my own layout.



I browsed through my drawer of embellishments and found this cut-out of the word Friends.  I don’t have a die cutting machine, so this had to come from a garage sale bundle of stuff at some point.  I was amazed at how well it matched the cardstock I found.  I attached it to a piece of metallic polka dot cardstock from a Die Cuts with a View 12×12 stack and dotted the “i” with a heart brad.  Then I just stamped and colored the tag and tied a ribbon on it before adhering it to the card with some mounting foam.  I had thought about running the ribbon from the heart on the “i” to the tag with a little loopy design, but the ribbon didn’t want to lay nicely, so I said forget it.  I think it turned out pretty cute just the way it is.

And now my tummy is growling and I was supposed to be spending the day learning a new machine to help my mom out, so I better get to work before the day is completely over!


Stamp used: girls stamp from Stampin’ Up set “Pocket Fun”


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