Card #55: Owl Hello

I had two different opportunities this week to be naughty.  I ran in to Hobby Lobby on Wednesday night to return something, but I had noticed on their website that all their scrapbooking and paper crafting stuff was on sale.  I ALMOST bought a pack of 5 bright washi tapes, after last week saying that I was going to hold off on that for a while.  I was also looking for a certain kind of embellishment that apparently doesn’t exist, so I’m going to have to try my idea sometime with constructing it myself.  But that did save me from spending money and buying new things when I’m supposed to be using stuff up.

Then again today I made an emergency run to Hobby Lobby to have some hangers put on some picture frames.  As that took a while, I had time to browse around the store and I found myself back by the washi tape display.  But the pack I had been looking at earlier in the week was out of stock.  So I was saved again from giving into temptation!  (didn’t stop my from purchasing stuff for a different art project, but hey, I didn’t buy washi tape!)

So this week’s card I did actually use a few things that have been around in my collection for a long time.



I believe most if not all of the ribbons were from garage sales and I don’t recall where the cardboard stickers came from.  Suffice it to say, they’ve been around a while.  The basic design for this card came to my brain as I was trying to fall asleep last night.  I found the word sticker and just kind of built off that for finding other things that matched.  I was amazed at how closely the cardstock and the green parts of the tree matched the “hello.”  It was like it was meant to be!  The ribbons add a nice pop of brighter color to make the card a little more cheery (although looking at it now, that top ribbon might be a bit dark).

I glued the ribbon down with a spray adhesive.  That makes such a mess, though, I think I’m going to need to find a different glue method for ribbon.  Regular glue seeps through and just looks bad, but I was researching online while I was at Hobby Lobby today and people were suggesting adhesive transfer guns for attaching ribbon to cardstock, so I might have to invest in one of those someday.  I have so much ribbon to use and it’s such a pain right now with my gluing methods that I don’t really like using it.  So that might need to be a near-future purchase.

I also had to use some gel superglue to keep the word and the top of the tree stuck to the card.  I’m guessing the embellishments have been around for so long that the glue that is actually on them isn’t holding so well anymore.  I know superglue probably wasn’t the best adhesive choice, but it was handy.  🙂

If I was to make this layout again, I think I would put the ribbon a little lower on the card so it was more of a background for the big sticker.  Not all the way at the bottom, but a little bit lower.  I’d also use more of a 3D sticker; the tree is a little flat.


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