Card #54: Just a Note ♫

I wonder how many other bloggers out there sit down at the computer to write a post and just struggle to come up with an opening.  I mean, is an opening even necessary?  Do I have to come up with some clever way to introduce my card each week?  Or can I just jump right in and start talking about it without any sort of conversational paragraph first?  I don’t know yet.  I should probably go out and read some other blogs to get an idea of how other people do it.  Maybe then I could attract more than 5 views a week.

Anyway, I was browsing on Pinterest last week to find some new inspiration and came across a whole bunch of cards made with washi tape.  If you’ve never heard of washi tape, it’s this kind of thin, almost tissue-paper like tape that is decorated with all sorts of different designs.  There are so many cute ways to use it and I pinned a whole bunch of cards decorated with it.  The trouble is, I have like 2 rolls of the stuff, and they are both just off-white and black, none of the fun, vibrant colors that I was finding on all these ideas.  I did use one of the ideas anyway this week, and it’s a great design to send to music enthusiasts.



I put the tape on the base card in strips.  The original design had bright tape in different colors making stripes, but obviously I had to improvise.  But you wouldn’t have to use washi tape for this idea.  You could just use a fun printed paper or cardstock for the background.  I traced and cut out the heart shapes on another piece of white cardstock and adhered it to the front so you could see the tape through the cutouts.  It would be easier to do with some kind of shape cutting machine, but I don’t have one of those.   I drew a little frame around the outside edge with a marker and ruler and stamped the greeting to kind of match.  I wish the purples had been a little closer in shade, but you’ve gotta use what you have, right?  I thought the greeting was a cute play on words: music “notes” and sending a “note.”

I am really tempted to go out and get a bunch of different colors of washi tape to play with, but that kind of defeats the purpose of trying to use things up that I already have.  So I think I’ll have to hold off on that for now and try to use up some more old stuff first.


Stamp used: “Just a Note” by Stampendous


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