Card #51: Merry Christmas!

Hey everybody!  I figured I better get this week’s card up tonight since tomorrow is Christmas and I probably won’t even turn my computer on!

I had imagined this card turning out very elegant and fancy, but it ended up just kind of boring, in my opinion.



I stamped the background green stamp first, then tried to line the curly second stamp on top, but they ended up kind of out of place.  I think I need to invest in one of those  “Stamp-a-ma-jigs” or whatever it’s called that Joann’s sells.  It’s kind of a cumbersome process to align your stamps with it, but at least they’d be aligned and placed where you want them!

The first time I stamped the swirls on the red, I used a glue “ink” pad and sprinkled the red glitter on top of that.  But when I tried to stamp the larger swirly bits on the leaves, the glue pad didn’t seem to work very well, so I used a dark green pigment ink and sprinkled the glitter on top of that.  It didn’t hold the glitter very well, but I thought it would be adequate.

Unfortunately, I bumped the card with my finger last night and a bunch of the glitter fell off, especially on the red part.  I was so disappointed!  I rubbed on the whole thing and ALL the glitter came off, the red and the green.  So I went back and used a little glue tube thing with a tiny hole to trace over the outlines with glue and poured the glitter on over that.  It’s holding much better, and also gives a little more 3D effect with the glitter, so I guess it was a good thing I rubbed some of it off by accident.  Needless to say, that glue pad ended up in the trash!

I love the sparkliness (is that a word? the spell check is saying it isn’t) of the card, but with how elegant the stamps seemed like they should be, I think the whole end result is just kind of meh.  Oh well.  I should browse online for some ideas to use these stamps that might end up a bit prettier.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!


Stamps used: “Two-Step Stampin’ Curly Christmas” set by Stampin’ Up, “Merry Christmas 06” by Stampabilities


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