Card #48: Penguin Joy

It’s probably some kind of ironic trick on me that this card wishing “joy” upon the recipient was nothing but trouble and just made me frustrated while I was making it today.  It hasn’t been a great week and can I just say, people need to learn how to drive!!

*muffled scream into a pillow*

Ok, I’m done.

I decided after making the card last week that I was tired of having my Christmas stamps spread all over my desk and the cedar chest next to my desk.  I had set aside all the stamps I’ve used in years past and kept adding to that pile each week as I used new stamps.  By last week, the pile of “used” stamps was bigger than the pile of ones I hadn’t used yet, so I counted out how many more cards I can make before Christmas and picked stamps for each and put the rest away.  It’s nice having that little bit of space back.  And this afternoon/evening I’m going to be working on some more projects that will get me more space back again!  Hooray!  Does anyone else have the same problem I do where they get started on a project, then just kind of get distracted by so many other things and never get back to that first project?  I really need to work on that.



I had this candy stripe paper left over from the cards I made last year, I believe, and it went perfectly with the penguin stamp.  Part of what caused me frustration today was that so many of my markers for coloring stamps are dried out and also all my black ink pads are getting dry, which makes for poorly-stamped designs.  The penguins’ feet are supposed to be orange, and I was tempted to color over some parts of the penguins with a black marker.  Time to invest in some new ink again.

I pulled the basic design for this card from Pinterest and tweaked it a little for my own creation.  And I almost used up that candy cane ribbon, which made me happy.

Stamp used: penguins from Stampin’ Up “Penguin Pals” set


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