Card #47: Penguin Fun!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are still enjoying leftovers of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie and that you survived Black Friday shopping without any incidents.

We actually put up the Christmas tree at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving, which is the earliest we’ve ever put it up.  And I dug out all my Christmas decorations yesterday, but after a lack of sleep, all the shopping and bumming around, and hauling it all in, I didn’t have any energy left to put anything up yesterday.  I didn’t even put away my Black Friday purchases!  So, I think that’s the plan for today, after I get some food in the oven for supper and do some cleaning.

This week’s card is fun, just plain fun.  I’ve always loved penguins, especially at Christmas, and I’ve had this stamp for a long time and have never used it.  When I was digging through my box of paper scraps for something else, I found this light bulb paper that would go perfectly with the stamp.  The piece wasn’t very wide, though, so I had to do a little creative hiding to make it work.



I hid the seam between the two pieces of paper behind the ribbon, so you can’t even tell that it’s not one piece of paper.  I also colored the light bulbs on the stamp to match the bulbs on the paper.

Well, my apartment is rather a disaster right now, so I think I shall go get to work.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and the last couple days of November!  Can you believe it’s almost December already?!

Stamp used: “Penguin Games” by Stampendous


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