Card #46: Joy to the World

I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t feeling especially creative yesterday when I was making my card for the week.  Maybe it’s because of all the snow we got yesterday.  I had a whole bunch of errands I was planning on running, but when I woke up to a world of white, I decided to stay snugly rooted in my apartment all day.  Previous snowfall records for Sioux Falls for November 20 was 3.8 inches.  Some areas of town yesterday got dumped on with over 14 inches!  So yeah, I stayed home.


But as a result of my lack of creative juices flowing, the card this week is rather simple.  I had picked up this little mobile of metal gold snowflakes at a thrift store a couple years ago after Christmas when all their holiday stuff was like “fill a bag with as much as you can for five bucks” or something like that.  And in the spirit of wanting to use things up, I used them all on the card this week.



I colored the little stamp with colored pencils and attached the snowflakes with some embroidery thread.  Pretty simple, but I like the shimmer the metal snowflakes add, and since they aren’t attached with any adhesive, they can shake when the card is moved, like they’re falling snowflakes.  A simple card with a simple message.

And now, I think it’s time to go brave the cold and snow and help my parents dig out!  I hope you have a safe, warm rest of the weekend!

Stamps used: Precious Moments stamp (c) PMI, “Joy & Hope” (c) AAW


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